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  1. Carlosfandang0

    License plate error even though bulbs are working?

    I must admit, I can no longer remember exactly how this is done , without actually connecting up to the car and looking I’d just be guessing.
  2. Carlosfandang0

    Petrol flap issue

    I had this problem not long before I sold the car, VW carried out a TSB which involved shaving off a small amount of plastic on the inner part of the flap, to all intents and purposes it was as if the actuator had failed, but it was the the fuel flap issue, i too could eventually open it if I...
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    Nobody ever sees all 4 wheels at the same time. How about a different color on the other side?

    Motech performance did this recently on their development BMW M135i #Motechperformance
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    MPI was discontinued in Europe too in late 2018 due to WLTP regs.
  5. Carlosfandang0

    2019 GTI: rear main seal leak

    The rear main seal is the crankshaft seal, if it leaks it leaks oil, it may not be leaking enough yet to drop on the ground, it will get worse though.
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    Yeah, I realise it’s a LHD car, I agree about the fogs.👍
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    I’ve seen quite a few, BUT they (the base models at least) look very bland, blink and you’d miss them! They don’t look great in the ‘flesh’, the DRL‘s in particular look very odd, which I think may have been down to how bright they were, the R-line I saw which had option wheels looked ok, but...
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    Mk8 GTI to be revealed in March

    Note that the MK8 GTI in this video does not have front fog lights!
  9. Carlosfandang0

    Bugatti record broken.

    Do check out Misha’s YouTube channel based around the Nurburgring, loads of videos of all sorts of interesting cars, here’s one of his videos with Robert Kubica in one of Apex’s Ring Rental cars, this man sure can drive! How to fully send it on the...
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    2019 GTI Requires 508 spec 0W-20 oil

    Yep, it’s simply for identification purposes in a workshop environment.
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    2020 GTI mk8

    GTI POV,