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    Video: Stock MK7 R vs Stage 2 MK7 R

    Hi again, I came with another video as title says: Both cars are 2016 DSG. You can find more details in Youtube description :D Enjoy.
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    2016 Mustang 5.0 vs 2016 Golf R tuned

    Details in video description in Youtube.
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    MK7 GTI stage 2 vs MK7 R stage 1.5

    Hi Guys As the title says, GTI has the following: Forge intake USP Catless downpipe Eurodyne tune stage 2 Version 8.2 (not the high torque file) R has The following VWR R600 intake Eurodyne tune stage 1.5 Both cars were running 91 octane fuel (95 RON)...
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    Video: tuned GTI vs stock R

    Hello fellow Golfers! Stock Golf R vs Eurodyne GTI stage 1.5 on 91 octane, wet road. For further details read video description in Youtube. and most importantly enjoy! Kind Regards gtiw7
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    Video: Golf R vs GTI - stock vs stock

    Hi guys, I couldn't find a proper video illustrating the power difference between R and GTI, so I decided to make one. read video desciption for details, hope you like it. Have a good day :D
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    video: MK7 R Resonator delete comparison

    MK7 R resonator delete, video gives it no justice as it sounds seriously amazing in person, no drone at all and once exhaust valves are closed it almost sounds like stock inside the cabin.
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    MK7 R Resonator delete comparison

    Sorry double post. link to video:
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    What is your occupation?

    Associate Auditor in Ernst & Young :D new to the work field here hahahaa
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    Honest opinion. 2015 R or 2009-2013 Cadillac CTS-V?

    no matter which Golf you get; German > American + Golf is newer, with warranty and will most definitely handle better....clear choice for me
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    Audi RS4 VS GTI

    lets wake up that section of the forums a bit! as the title says... spontaneous race at traffic light from 0 to about 100km/h without launch control or stombing the throttle right away the result was obvious even before the race started :P you can get a feel how much faster fellow Audi's...
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    Golf R Revo Tune Released!

    so it's official guys Revo is making less torque from their Golf R software than APR does with their GTIs! so gains & acceleration tests are nice indeed! However knowing it has a bigger turbo than GTI then I comprehend Revo is not tuning it up to its real potential perfectly :confused: Revo...
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    Hitler finds out about the new APR stage 1 tune for the MQB platform

    hahahahhahahahaaaaa that was so epic video!!
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    Apr ecu tune for mk7 out!

    whatever reason, that's what the kit is making off the shelf if anyone bought it today!
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    Video: MK7 vs MK6 APR stage 1

    hello fellow Mark 7ers there is no doubt that on paper a MK7 is lighter, more powerful & has much more torque than its predecessor... people were wondering by how much it is faster in real life? I suppose you have alreading watched the stock vs stock video for those who missed...
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    Golf R Videos

    found few video of the R while surfing, and daaaaamn THIS SOUND!!! all the people who were moaning about mk6 R sounding shit compared to R32 can kiss my *** I would definitly think it must be a V6 if I were not a cars-freak :p it's nice to see videos coming :D still not into redline...
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    Video: MK6 vs MK7 both stock

    hello guys, hope you're having a good day :D there is no doubt that on paper a MK7 is lighter, more powerful & has much more torque than its predecessor... people were wondering by how much it is faster in real life? so there you go, I made 2 races for you MK6/MK7 guys ;) note: this is...
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    MK7 GTI vs MK6 GTI Revo Stage 2

    not my video no mods known other than Revo stage 2
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    GTI by Oettinger

    I kindda like the bodykit! especially the rear-end. but 350bhb?! from a mere exhaust, intake & intercooler! seriously this number seems so unrealistic....this is MK6 ko4 power :confused: zoom out to see the full photo :o article and gallery in the link below...
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    MK7 GTI VS Stage 2 MK6 GTI

    Hello guys, here is another race I had few weeks ago against my friend's MK6 as mentioned in the video description : MK6 has ABT tune Milltek catless Turboback exhaust Carbonio Intake Audi S3 Intercooler Both cars equipped with DSG. MK7: full tank + one passenger MK6: half tank...