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  1. cyb3rdud3

    New tyres

    It is that time, I do need some new tyres now. I've done about 18K miles, the front at just under 2mm and the rear are just under 3mm....I'm a little disappoint by how much those Bridgestone S001 tyres have worn already...And also surprised by how even back and front actually is worn. Anyway...
  2. cyb3rdud3

    Oil Service Cost

    My Oil Service Light has come on, so I called my local dealer to book it in and just before I confirmed it all I thought I ask him how much it is....£199/US$300/EUR278/AUS$392 :eek::eek: I thought, and I was going to phone around.... Anyway I couldn't find any prices online, except for one...
  3. cyb3rdud3

    Golf R and The Angel of Small Death ...

    These must be such exciting times for my friends from the United States. On the brink of delivery of this fantastic hatchback. So tonight, I had a hellish journey by train out of London to the country side. Trains were late, flooding in central London.... There I go into the station car park...
  4. cyb3rdud3


    I prefer banana myself, and yes are looking forwards to the combine harvesters coming out. Also looking forward to some solid ground to walk the dog b
  5. cyb3rdud3

    Lapiz paint issues

    I just rubbed mine dry yesterday :) the paint is fine to me....
  6. cyb3rdud3

    Santa Pod Raceway

    Unfortunately weather thwarted my experiments at only two runs... First run totally stock at 12.9s and second run at 12.4s....Just had my tune turned up all the way and the heavens opened up and no more runs unfortunately...So we'll have to wait for another time...
  7. cyb3rdud3

    My Volkswagen Golf R 2014 review

    I've done a little review of my Volkswagen Golf R includes some nice photos. I hope you'll enjoy looking at them...
  8. cyb3rdud3

    Special delivery today

    My R has arrived today. Was on the same transporter as a Red GTI.....I think Lapiz looks wonderful, and the alloys look great with the car.... It had 4 miles on it, now it has 36 miles on it....It is brilliant, in DPS Normal it is so wonderful, refined and very very fast...When switching to DPS...
  9. cyb3rdud3

    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    Don't have many previous rides to hand, but I do have my other ride whilst waiting on our MK7 Golf R as our little runabout... The Golf R will replace my old Audi A4 Cabriolet Quattro 3.0