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  1. averyislost

    APR Spring 2023 Software Sale!

    I took advantage of the sale! Got my Stage 1 ECU and DSG tune done by DAP Repair two weeks ago. Thanks for letting the forum know
  2. averyislost

    2020 GTI DSG Random Rough 1-2 and 2-3 upshift

    Well, figured I would come back and update my thread since it's been a few years! Unfortunately, I haven't put very many miles on the car in this amount of time. I'm currently sitting at around 6,700 miles as of today, and just recently had it Stage 1 APR tuned (ECU and TCU) at around 6,500...
  3. averyislost

    wheres the hip hop?

    No way, Hilltop Hoods! Classic. I probably watched that crazy old bmx video with The Nosebleed Section probably 100 times when I was younger
  4. averyislost

    wheres the hip hop?

    And some older songs/groups that I like: Cannibal Ox. The entire Cold Vein album is incredible. Very listenable all the way through. Afu Ra. Body of the Life Force, is an incredible album, and was one of those that got me into hip hop when I was younger. This song and Mic Stance are my...
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    wheres the hip hop?

    I think my current favorites are Lil Ugly Mane, The Doppelgangaz, Larry June, Nickelus F, and Isaiah Rashad. None are truly "underground", but I doubt you'd ever hear them on the radio. Maybe Isaiah Rashad would be the closest but he's got a great flow. Ugly mane I prefer for his beats and...
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    Vinyl Wrap Your MK7 Thread

    Damnnn this is what terrifies me about doing a wrap
  7. averyislost

    Osram MK7 headlight housings - interested?

    Yep, did the exact same. Email first.
  8. averyislost


    I figured as much from the multiple sale posts, but wanted to play nice first lol
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    Hey! Is this the correct box for it? That AP number is for a Ford vehicle
  10. averyislost

    Did anyone here own this car?

    I'm pretty sure they have a decent return policy (like 7 days or some amount of miles). Might be even easier with them than a traditional dealership if you end up not liking the car or having problems with it. Also, the thread got derailed a bit by low mileage, but it is true. I bought my GTI...
  11. averyislost

    Driving thru a 2ft puddle of water

    Lol I love these videos. I keep coming back to them when I'm bored and sitting on the computer for no reason
  12. averyislost

    Osram MK7 headlight housings - interested?

    I didn't touch that height adjustment bolt. If it is mainly used for fitment of the lights with the bumper, mine actually had better fitment than stock. I don't remember having to make too many adjustments to the height, but I did have to raise both light patterns up a bit. I also had to do a...
  13. averyislost

    Osram MK7 headlight housings - interested?

    Wow I'm surprised you can't do your own conversion anymore! But good deal on getting the lights, I think you'll love them. It'll be cool to see another GTI in NC with the Osram's
  14. averyislost

    Considering selling my car…

    Yowzers, out of curiosity (and since literally everyone else is doing it), I plugged my VIN into a few different sites. Highest offer was from Vroom at exactly $29,515. That's pretty nuts considering I paid $27,200 for my 2020 GTI brand new (it's a base DSG S, I took the 0% APR instead of...
  15. averyislost

    RC Cars (Remote Control)

    looks great! I had pretty good luck with the Injora wheels on my SCX10-3. I did have a few stripped bolts but thankfully I could get them out and they included some replacements in my package. They’re heavy but perfect for a crawler
  16. averyislost

    RC Car and racing

    Well that pic of my Baja Rey in that thread is the day I bought it… it’s a little worse for wear now lol. A few too many crashes at 35+ mph. No breaks so far though! I did a lot of upgrades right off the bat. The body is starting to look rough but I’ve kept it right side up for the most part
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    RC Car and racing

    Nice! I tried to start a thread here recently on RC cars: I've been getting into them fairly recently (within the past year). It's a nice hobby to balance having fun wrenching and the cost associated
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    2021 Black Friday Deals

    I've got two of these, they are fantastic. I've owned my first one for probably 6-7 years now (the older silver version) and it's never leaked. Only issue I've ever had with it was a front wheel lock ring popped off after using it to lift my 4runner on a dirt/mud surface. Popped it back on and...