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  1. trbojoe112

    San Diego MK7s

    Hey everyone. Check out San Diego MK7s on facebook and instagram. Feel free to join and follow. Thanks Instagram: sdmk7s
  2. trbojoe112

    san diego mk7s

    If anyone is in the San Diego area, check out San Diego MK7s on facebook. Monthly meet on the first monday of every month called MK7 Mondays. Location is rotating. Upcoming meet at the Lolitas on Clairemont Mesa Blvd on August 7th at 7:00pm. San Diego mountain run in the works as well.
  3. trbojoe112

    VW Show

    Socal VW Show Register and come check out VW of Murrieta's first ever VW Show 'n Shine!
  4. trbojoe112

    San Diego MK7's

    Facebook page for San Diego area cars. Search
  5. trbojoe112

    Clutchmasters Throw Out bearing

    Sold FS: Brand new Clutchmasters aluminum throw out bearing with bleeder block and stainless line. replaces everything from the clutch master cylinder forward. Fits MK6 and Mk7 6-speed manual transmissions. retails for $399. Looking to get $320 Shipped...
  6. trbojoe112

    #MK7BLUR build

    Well I had one of these on golf mk6 for my GTI so I guess I should do one for my Golf R too. Can't really do a progression of stuff since I've done all I can afford to do on the car for the year. Here goes: Day I traded the GTI for the R First Mountain run with the TTRS front brakes and...
  7. trbojoe112

    FS: Stock Golf R Intercooler

    SOLD In case anyone needs a replacement or wants to do a cheap upgrade on a GTI. Has 8,000 miles on it. replaced with an IE one. Pics on request. $150 shipped to continental US OBO. $100 for local Pickup
  8. trbojoe112

    Last Sunday 5.5 mountain cruise

    We'll be rolling through some san diego mountain roads this Sunday! Event details :
  9. trbojoe112

    GIAC Stage 2

    Just got flashed with GIAC stage 2 and what a difference. I switched from JB1. Nothing wrong with JB1, but I've used GIAC since 2002 and they've never done me wrong. JB1 was just to hold me over until port flashing was available for GIAC. I'm definitely feeling the need for a new clutch soon...
  10. trbojoe112

    FS: Stock Golf R suspension

    I have factory springs, shocks and struts for sale. They all have less than 1,000 miles on them. make me a reasonable offer. PM me too please. Located in san diego/temecula california area. They come with dust boots and bump stops.