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  1. dequardo

    FS: Complete 19-21 GLI Catback OEM exhaust

    Complete and like new 19-21 GLI exhaust. Hanging in the garage just wasting away. Obviously needs to be a local pickup. Thanks.
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    No. Not the true meaning of the title.
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    Thinking pictures will not be received well here generally. PM for those. One ‘difference‘ to note is that OEM tires on both need to be changed out by most people immediately. The GLI because the OEM Kinergy’s are among the worst A/S tires ever made. The N’s because the the OEM Michelin Pilot...
  4. dequardo


    Too soon to tell. Only drove it back from the dealership today. Has everything the GLI did except ACC. It does have lane keep assist. I coded that in on the GLI but can tell the OEM version already is better. Handling seems superb and better than the VW. I’m babying it during the break in...
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    I’m 68. No dig but I would wave to you.
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    Long time member from 2015 GTI through 2021 GLI. Learned a lot here and hopefully paid it forward over the years. Today I picked up an Elantra N. Lifes too short to drive boring cars. Maybe see you down the road.
  7. dequardo

    2018 GTI headlights LEDs unit.

    PPF as suggested on either the existing ones you can, hopefully, polish/coat or on a replacement. Good luck.
  8. dequardo

    Brightest Halogen bulbs?

    LEDs in reflector housings are a recipe for disaster. Not to mention illegal. Stick to the brightest halogens from Philips or Sylvania and just resign yourself to replacing them yearly.
  9. dequardo

    Nasty wheel tire mounting rash

    It will differ of course even among stores in the same brand. I love Tires Plus where I live and one of their locations is the only place I go.
  10. dequardo

    Turning Front Assist "off" makes warning light pop up

    Front plate in proper location shouldn’t mess with sensor function. Might need the dealer to sort it out. It’s under warranty unless you are over 72k.
  11. dequardo

    Infotainment issues - freeze, boot loop, black screen

    Likely will be a head unit swap needed. Good luck.
  12. dequardo

    Bought a High Mileage GTI

    Timing chain should not be a concern. I also vote for 5000mi OCIs.
  13. dequardo

    Passenger side mirror shattered?

    Just order the correct version. It will plug in to wires assuming they weren’t damaged
  14. dequardo

    Used 2016 GTI or 2017 GTI?? New GTI Owner

    I’d go with whatever CARFAX report looked better and would lean to the 1 owner. You’ll have to pay the shipping fees for both.
  15. dequardo

    DSG Clutch Leaking, VW can't find tool and says it isn't made anymore

    The advice in the last couple of posts are spot on. Get the general manager of the dealership and VWoA involved and only deal with them.
  16. dequardo

    My fuel filler drain tube was clogged

    Slow and steady is my advice. You don’t want the tube coming off.
  17. dequardo

    How to access gap between dash board and windshield?

    FWIW I bought a strip of T-shaped rubber stripping to fit into that crevice.
  18. dequardo

    2021 GTI DSG Service

    Hmm. Never knew that. The filter is no longer on top near the battery?