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  1. bequietanddrive

    Job offer, to move or not to move...

    I came here just to defend Florida for a bit LOL :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:
  2. bequietanddrive

    Drove a friend's STi...

    It's very possible that my friends has an aftermarket short shifter, as he purchased the car used. This could explain the notchiness of the gearbox. And yes, under hood temps are very high for some reason. You can literally feel the heat radiating from the hood when standing next to it after...
  3. bequietanddrive

    Drove a friend's STi...

    I drove my buddies 2008 STi. It was lightly modded (Stage 2, I think they put down about 300 AWHP). It took a little but for the boost to build but it was very fast once it did. Didn't have a chance to get on it too much though so I couldn't take advantage of all the power. The interior is...
  4. bequietanddrive

    GTI wave?

    To get back on topic, I always throw up a V whenever I see another GTI, regardless of what generation it is. I don't always get one back, though. I think some of the modded guys see me stock and don't give a damn. In my eyes, all GTI owners are enthusiasts!
  5. bequietanddrive

    What was your last car?

    2005 Scion xA This car was a lot of fun. I learned how to properly drive a front wheel drive car in this thing. It was very light and easy to toss around. I had Koni shocks on it and Falken Azenis tires, so it stuck very well. I love my new GTI though. It literally does everything the xA did...