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  1. starsmith

    MK7 GTI over 100k, what am I in for?

    I think the mk6 was worse about the carbon than the mk7, so I wonder how much former mk6 owners are just generalizing. But definitely have seen some nasty carboned up mk7 cases on here as well, just a question of how common that really is...
  2. starsmith

    As of 2023, what are the go-to brake pads for spirited street driving?

    Time for new pads and rotors for me too. Anyone recommendations for a setup? - 2019 GTI with PP brakes. - No track duty, but occasional rowdy mountain drives where the brakes do get hot enough to smell. - Don't care about dust lol. - Progressive, controlled bite preferred over getting it all at...
  3. starsmith

    Datalog review help

    I think - and someone please correct me on this if wrong - that HPFP at 100% is not an issue in and of itself, as long as the target boost and AFR are being reached with no weird spikes or features. I used to see it in 4th gear pulls on EQT stage 1 91 with a stock HPFP.
  4. starsmith

    Is This Right?

    Front and rear pads are different and will wear at different rates in general. Doesn't necessarily tell you how much braking each end is doing.
  5. starsmith

    Is This Right?

    That is absolutely wrong and physically impossible.
  6. starsmith

    Stage 1 - EQT - Autocross and the right plugs

    Yeah information on facebook is fed in an inherently ephemeral way so you just end up with people asking and answering the same questions every single day instead of contributing to an ongoing discourse. Old school forums are infinitely more useful for car communities...
  7. starsmith

    Stage 1 - EQT - Autocross and the right plugs

    Reading between the lines, it really seems like EQT's recommendation is the "cover your ass" recommendation after their facebook group started obsessing about spark plugs. There were incidents where ground straps were cracking off in the cylinder, generally RS7 plugs, and various unverified...
  8. starsmith

    is38 Turbo & AutoX

    yeah I bet a IS38 would be a lateral move for your autox times. But lots of guys speak highly of the upgrade for its more enjoyable power delivery and top-end power. I can personally speak highly of running an E blend on the IS20 if you haven't tried it before and can get it. The spool and...
  9. starsmith

    is38 Turbo & AutoX

    What kinds of speeds do you find yourself getting up to at autox? That would help us work out whether the extra power is useful or not. I'm a skeptic because autox is notorious for leveling the playing field with low-powered cars like brzs and miatas.
  10. starsmith

    MK7 Confessions

    thank god for my tune and upgraded rear sway bar or i'd never have avoided Karen drifting into my lane in her CRV while looking at her phone
  11. starsmith

    Are Golf’s reliable?

    I think the general consensus you'll get here is that the mk7 generation with the EA888.3 1.8L and 2.0L motors have proven to have mechanical reliability as good or better than vehicles with comparable modern drivetrains, if maintained correctly. They are overbuilt for the power they make. The...
  12. starsmith

    Perfectly balancing the GTI into a Grand Tourer

    I just switched to 17s after being dissatisfied with the stock ride, and they made such a difference that I'm no longer considering Konis. Cheaper too because I needed new tires anyway and can sell my 18s. Next comfort mod is a tint so the Mrs. doesn't have to get toasted on any eastbound...
  13. starsmith

    Tire size issue. Did I screw up?

    You're fine, send it. Chains can really mess things up if they break, best to run without them anyway. Running on your donut won't be any worse on your current tires than your stock ones (which is not great but fine over the distance to the nearest tire shop). In the future you might consider...
  14. starsmith

    Hello all

    Yeah I recommend reading up on what's out there for the platform. Making power in these cars is all about making boost (i.e. with a bigger turbo), cooling that boost down (intercooler or meth), and supplying enough fuel to keep up with all the air you're pumping (fuel pumps and/or multi-port...
  15. starsmith

    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    A tank of top tier gas every now and then also isn't a bad idea when running E. You'll get different detergent mixtures that can flush out the gunk your that your E doesn't (or is leaving behind).
  16. starsmith

    Fuel Economy When Tuned

    Should be easy to make 30 on the highway unless you're cruising over 80. Might be worth looking into.
  17. starsmith

    my milquetoast grey rabbit

    50000mi update I finally betrayed my stock look. Picked up some RSE05's in the black friday sale and some michi PSAS4's in 235/45R17 from costco. Costco wouldn't touch my fitment, so they refunded the install cost built into the price and I had to bring it to an indy tire shop. The 17s have...
  18. starsmith

    Mk7 vs 7.5 R

    Did the 7.5R get all the little cost-cutting things that the 7.5GTI got? No AC glovebox, under seat drawer, battery cover, etc? And worse/cheaper injectors?