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    In Europe this week, miss my GTI

    So I'm in Amsterdam this week with a side trip to Belgium for the best beers in the world (Westvleteren Trappist). I was given a Volvo V40 and while it's not a terrible car like a Hyundai, I really miss the GTI. I wish I could've rented one lol.
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    Track Day at Road Atlanta

    So this was my first time driving Road Atlanta and it was a lot of fun. The car performed very well and was capable of about 125 mph on the back straightaway. Unfortunately the day was cut short due to a minor crash into the tire wall (through the gravel pit no less). The front bumper, fender...
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    First track day with the GTI, here are my thoughts

    Course: Atlanta Motorsports Park Car: 2016 GTI PP - Unitronic Exhaust, Stage 1 Eurodyne tune, VWR Springs, ST RSB, Michelin PSS tires, brakes were completely stock, ESC OFF, Starting Vibration control deactivated Tire Pressures: 37 psi front, 39 rear (after some tinkering earlier) To start out...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    If you're stock, VW says you can run 87 but it will reduce engine output and efficiency. If you're tuned you already know you need 91 or higher.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Got Michelin PSS tires put on at Costco - got $130 off with some deals they had going....about $700 installed with nitrogen fill, lifetime balancing and rotations, and free road hazard. Funny how these are quieter, more comfortable, and grip a ton better than the Bridgestone AS tires the car...
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    Weird issue at 100% throttle

    I've noticed a weird issue when going full boost for about the last week or so. It seems fine when using partial throttle. Basically, when going full throttle full boost builds, then very momentarily seems to lose power, goes back to full boost, then does it 2-3 more times before settling down...
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    Piggybacks now detectable

    Anybody hear about this yet? I saw a post from someone on Facebook about it. It's called a TB1 flag.
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    EPC Light, no power

    So it got really hot out today, over 95*F. I was driving home and tried to get into boost a few times, nothing. Then the EPC light illuminated. You guys think this is a sensor issue?
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    Modded Mk5 GTI (I think) vs my Mk7 GTI

    I was driving around last night for fun and came up next to what I think was a Mk5 GTI. I wasn't sure if he wanted to race so I took off normally. He got out to about 1 car length before I killed him in 2nd and 3rd gear (hit the brakes at about 95 mph). If I actually tried to launch I...
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    This arrived just in time for the long weekend

    Unitronic 3" Catback Exhaust and Fluidampr. Can't wait to get this installed this weekend.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I got the Integrated Engineering one. Turbo sound is increased significantly, you can hear it even at partial throttle now.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I put some blind spot mirrors on last night. Also did a turbo muffler delete, and rear wiper delete over the weekend. The turbo is A LOT louder now on boost, lol.
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    Turbo muffler delete

    I installed Integrated Engineering's turbo muffler delete over the weekend and I was surprised at how much more turbo sound there is now. I knew it would make a difference but I didn't know it would be this much louder! I doubt it makes any performance difference, but the sound sure is great...
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    If I blow a turbo, I'll going to an IS38. :)
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    It just looks cleaner, and I'll rarely use it anyway. It also is the sole source of rattling in my otherwise quiet car.
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Doing the 034 Motorsport Dogbone insert, blind spot mirrors, and rear wiper delete after work today.
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    Factory Service Manual

    I have been getting way more PM's for the manual than I thought I would so I'm providing the link here -- Enjoy wrenching.
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    Reset headlight level after VWR springs

    I've just installed VWR springs over the weekend and I was trying to find a thread on how to reset the level on them since they seem low now. I have the Lighting Package on my car so they auto level at startup. Can anyone assist me in finding this information? I searched but wasn't able to...
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    Popping sound with VWR springs

    So I got my VWR springs and ST sway bar installed over the weekend. The install was a bitch for the front, it took twice as long as the rear. If I didn't know a guy with all the tools I wouldn't even attempt it. So far I like the setup but I haven't gotten an alignment yet. My question: Why am...