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  1. VDubberinDE

    Old News? AEB Settlement

    They sent the letters based on model years BUT you have to type in your VIN, to see if your actual car is included. You have to go to and put in your VIN. I personally have never had an issue with my 2018 R
  2. VDubberinDE


    When I go from my house dead cold up to a local shopping center, literally 2 min away, when I step on it, I am at full Operating temp by the time I get to the shopping center. My R gets to operating temp very fast (I love it in the winter). Depends how you drive, how fast it gets to operating...
  3. VDubberinDE

    GTI wheels for R

    I had APR aftermarket wheels and kept bending/cracking them on DE/PA roads. So I switched back to VW wheels and even though they are heavier, have not had any breaks. I have hit some hard spots too. For my R I have 19" Passat R wheels in summer and 18" GTI Dallas wheels for winter. They...
  4. VDubberinDE

    2024 R

    Just get rid of any gloss black trim, that's all I ask! lol.
  5. VDubberinDE

    Golf R mk7.5 Stop Start Every Time?

    Mine still stays off when I put it in S mode. S mode disables it.
  6. VDubberinDE

    Should I refinance my VW Credit Loan?

    Not sure if you bought GAP insurance too with your loan, but that does not transfer on refinance, so be careful and read the fine print. Otherwise, you could lose more than you gain. I think you did fine; I'd leave it as is.
  7. VDubberinDE

    Is OBDELEVEN still in business?

    Have you tried to clear you Cache on your phone? Then make sure you are up to date. There is an OBDEleven Forum too which is active.
  8. VDubberinDE

    Coolant system over pressurising on long trips

    Just to confirm. You are not overfilling the expansion tank are you? I have seen people fill it all the way up, which is wrong. It's an expansion tank so it should only be filled to the line on the tank when Cold.
  9. VDubberinDE

    Almost 5 years without a single dent.

    Ha-Ha, that sucks, but cars get dented, chipped, scratched. I try to keep my car perfect, but I learned to not get upset when it happens and just repair it and move on. It will look just as good when its fixed. Good Luck!
  10. VDubberinDE

    4 inch scratch on wheel

    Actually, VW Factory wheel prices are very reasonable for being from a dealer. I bought a set of 19" factory wheels for a Passat R and they were only like 400.00 a wheel. Thats pretty cheap for factory wheels.
  11. VDubberinDE

    4 inch scratch on wheel

    This is mostly unavoidable if you constantly mount and demount tires every year. Not to mention, the bead on the tires will slowly get damaged and you may start running into air leaks over time depending how many times you remount a tire. It is a much better idea to get a second set of wheels...
  12. VDubberinDE

    Thinking of Getting an R

    I have had no issues on my 2018. Plus depending on where you are the AWD will be great in the winter. I put on snow tires and with the AWD, drive right past stuck SUV's in the snow, lol.
  13. VDubberinDE

    Fine Metal Shavings in DSG Fluid

    Totally normal. I had a Trans fluid service done at a dealer on my old Rabbit (90,000 miles) and they found same thing and said I needed a new transmission. Guess what, it's still going at 155,000 and trans works fine. People get so worked up over the slightest thing. It's a machine, it is...
  14. VDubberinDE

    Vibration at highway speed since getting new wheels

    Most likely because of the centering rings. Even with the best balance, you may never completely get rid of vibration. Nature of not using Hub centric wheels. And if they are cheap plastic rings, they flex. I gave up on aftermarket wheels.
  15. VDubberinDE

    How do we get rid of this spammer's Post!

    Is there a way to get rid of this spammers posts?
  16. VDubberinDE

    Slow But Steady Coolant Loss - What Dealer Told Me - Should I Buy Their Explanation?

    Its pretty normal. If it was pressure tested I would not worry about it.
  17. VDubberinDE

    2019 Golf R DSG 21k miles - $44,000??

    So is there something wrong with your car you are getting rid of it? I mean it has tons of life left and you won't get a new one for that price right now. So in the end you are spending more for a new car?
  18. VDubberinDE

    2018 Golf R woes since purchase - original owner - insight appreciated

    That's weird, my 2018 R has been flawless and never had a single issue with anything. Its been one of the best cars I ever owned and I have had a lot of cars. Just bad luck I guess.
  19. VDubberinDE

    Slow dripping water under chassis after parking?

    It is actually a good thing. It means your AC drain is open and not clogged.
  20. VDubberinDE

    Mystery Dash Rattle

    Yes this also is a big time culprit in Golfs. Everyone ignores it thinking it can't be this. It is basically the edge of the plastic trim barely touching the windshield and vibrating. I little cloth tape around edge and its gone. Rattles are cause by 2 pieces rubbing together/moving. They...