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  1. kep

    We tried to take a FWD lap record; instead we built the perfect street and track MQB…

    What problem are the subframe locking kits meant to solve? Have you guys been seeing your alignments slip under high G loads or something?
  2. kep


    I've been street driving DS2500 lately. I don't really love them - fairly dusty and noisy for not being an all out track pad.
  3. kep

    Brake Caliper pad contact area - Germans different than Japanese?

    My R never had those, and none of the pads I've bought ever included them.
  4. kep

    CAI question

    If you're looking for performance, I have never seen actual data indicating that any of these help. Flow bench data does not tell the full story for intakes.
  5. kep

    winter beater Golf R

    Did a haldex fluid change and checked the pump filter mesh at 110k miles. I hadn't removed the pump in 60k miles and the mesh was was spotless with no debris. I think there's a reason that the VW service manual never mentions cleaning it...
  6. kep

    daujin_mk7's GTI

    I've never seen had nor heard of that issue. Was a DSG fluid service recently performed? Maybe it was overfilled.
  7. kep

    winter beater Golf R

    Confirmed fitment of my Ti shims. Here's the file if anyone wants to have some made. A pair ran me $60 from sendcutsend, cheaper than I've seen retailers sell them for.
  8. kep

    Coilover dilemma

    Ohlins are nice, but require more frequent service intervals than the simpler options.
  9. kep

    18x8.5 ET45 + H&R springs - tire advice

    Did they shorten their bump stops or something? I've bottomed out my car plenty of times with 235 RT660s and never rubbed anything
  10. kep

    4/10/24 Track Night @ HHR - Stormy attempts a FWD lap record (how will it end?)

    Having brakes that can withstand track heat is more important than having perfect balance. I run RSL29 front pads, which are a medium friction endurance pad If your front pads start to fade, it will shift the bias rearwards, making the car looser than desired.
  11. kep

    18x8.5 ET45 + H&R springs - tire advice

    235/40/R18 will fit easy. Plenty of 255/35/R18 will also, but may be tight on the rear of a GTI.
  12. kep

    winter beater Golf R

    Speaking of which, I just got my shims in the mail. Visually, the fitment looks good, I'll post the dxf file once I put them on my car and verify that they don't suck.
  13. kep

    winter beater Golf R

    I’m planning on taking my car to a SCCA Time Trial or two, and would like to stay in the S3 class, so no major upgrades for me. I’ve ordered a set of Ti shims, hopefully those at least help with the fluid heat. Brembos is will be sick, the car needs more brakes. The best solution to any VW...
  14. kep

    dedicated track pads

    I just designed and ordered a set of Ti shims from SCS. If there is interest I could set up a group buy to bring the cost down.
  15. kep

    winter beater Golf R

    Front pads had their backing plates very warped. Single piston brakes don’t really make sense in a car of this size…
  16. kep

    dedicated track pads

    Surprised that those pads don't have the metal springs on the ears. Were they rattly?
  17. kep

    200tw tires for Track use

    Acceleras suck, don’t waste your time or money. v730 are wonderful.
  18. kep

    winter beater Golf R

    Tracked the VW for the first time since installing the APR springs. It’s a Christmas miracle - my tires surivived and still have some fake Khumo tread left. The springs have now paid for themselves twice over. Managed a few 1:01s at Lime Rock. I’m sure it could get down to a minute flat, but...
  19. kep

    Adjusting/modifying the internal bump stops on B8 struts… (please lend help & wisdom)

    Oof, that sucks Looks like your plates offer 0.6 degrees more negative camber than mine, so I got lucky. Unfortunate there isn't a stiffer spring option that fits on proper camber plates.