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  1. GTI-Jay

    JB4 throwing codes. CEL on.

    Admittedly it was over a yr or so ago it started happening, and yeah, i pulled it, and got into other projects, so never got around to re-installing and addressing. However, Ii'd like to figure it out and get my JB4 back in. I know its the JB4 as i removed it and cleared the codes using my...
  2. GTI-Jay

    Rodents ate through my wires - Brake Light Switch location ?

    Yeah i just shudder at the thought of higher premiums. The total cost for the repair, now i looked at VW's quote was more like $900. I think my deductible is $500 so for $400 i'm not sure it would be worth making a claim.. Besides, i think i've got it fixed now. I need to play around with a...
  3. GTI-Jay

    Rodents ate through my wires - Brake Light Switch location ?

    Finally got my car back in my garage. But i did a little research, and apparently peppermint oil is a good deterrent. I sprayed up my engine bay and on my wife's VW. just get some for $5 from Walmart and sprinkle it all over the engine bay.. it smells nice and may save you a lot of money ...
  4. GTI-Jay

    Rodents ate through my wires - Brake Light Switch location ?

    Found it, its right under the master cylinder. Which does open an area of concern. That's pretty high up in the engine bay. I was looking around the underside, thinking that's where they'll be feasting on. There's plenty of other wires to choose from, some of which could be a LOT more complex to...
  5. GTI-Jay

    Rodents ate through my wires - Brake Light Switch location ?

    My car is typically garaged. But as luck would have it, i'm in the middle of a remodel at home, and my garage is being used for all my furniture, while i have a new tile floor put down. So i left my gti on the drive outside for the entirety of last week. I had an EPC light come on, then the...
  6. GTI-Jay

    Quick question on clutch bleed

    My gti is three yrs old. I'll be bleeding the brakes, just as part of maintenance. I have a brake pressure bleeder. Should i even bother doing the clutch ? if so, is it the same deal as the brakes as in just open the bleeder valve til the fluid comes out clear? I'm guessing yes, just want to...
  7. GTI-Jay

    Wheel Repair

    Here's the deal. These are not painted. They're machined and clear coated. If you've gone through the clear coat, you can only do a mediocre repair. In that get a paint that's close to the machined silver look, and paint it then clear coat it. There are some specialist wheel repair shops that...
  8. GTI-Jay

    So 30yrs is all. - VW Drive Bigger

    VWs pledge is to have an entire fleet, production and administration of carbon neutrality by 2050. I think all electric cars are crap so not looking forward to this change. Driven Tesla's and yeah they're quick off the line, but horrible to drive. Whereas i enjoy my manual gti every time i get...
  9. GTI-Jay

    Tire pressure monitor on the gti's how does it work ?

    So got the light come on last night that my tire pressures are low. Didn't indicate which tire it was, just that the light was on. No big deal, i was half expecting this to happen as i knew i had a piece of &#%^# metal stuck in my rear passenger tire, in a location that a repair isn't...
  10. GTI-Jay

    How does the Continental Warranty program work?

    Got my Continental Extreme Contact sports earlier this yr. Already got two nails, that were fixed, but today i noticed a sharp piece of metal on the edge of the tire. Sprayed some soapy water and the #$%#$% thing was bubbling up. i bought my tires online. I'm going to need a new tire. They...
  11. GTI-Jay

    VW actually promoting the manual transmission !

    Well played VW. OK so its a Jetta, but even so, its nice to see them actually promoting a manual in a clever and thoughtful way.
  12. GTI-Jay

    Oil filter question. Questioning myself on something.

    So i used VW 06L 115 562B last time i did an oil change. Time is coming for a service, so i went ahead and bought these. from Amazon. However they do look smaller from what i can remember. The only other difference is that they don't have B at the end of the part number. So these are Part #...
  13. GTI-Jay

    So how often are you balancing your tires/wheels?

    Manufacturers normally recommend between 3,000 to 6,000 miles. But realistically, who's actually doing that ? Unless you're feeling vibration, who's thinks well i'm at 3k, i better get my tires balanced ? Reason i ask, is during my regular 5k tire rotation i noticed a big nail in my tire. So i...
  14. GTI-Jay

    OEM Battery Specs ? Non stop / Start 2017

    So i have this OEM battery in my gti autobahn. Part Number: 5K0915105D I'm trying to find or simply understand to figure out the CCA, so i can run my battery tester Foxwell BT705 against it which is...
  15. GTI-Jay

    Rear Spring failing recall ?

  16. GTI-Jay

    Rotating non-directional tires ?

    So got some Conti Extreme Contacts, which are non-directional. and the internet seems to be a little contradictory of itself when it comes to rotating non directional tires. What is the correct procedure on a front wheel drive ?
  17. GTI-Jay

    Any PDR people in here ?

    So some asshole swung their door on my mint gti. Don't know who. I have a ding on the piece that sits just above the side skirt. Not on the door itself, just the lower part of the frame so to speak, just above the side skirt. it must of been the pointy corner of their door. How would a PDR...
  18. GTI-Jay

    f&$#$K^K !!! NAILS three in 3 months

    Just need to vent. Two not repairable, so had to buy an entire new set of conti extreme contacts, as oem a/s where shite anyway. Since getting my new tires, which i had to replace cos of a 'you guessed it a nail' i've rec'd TWO new nails in my tires. one unrepairable and the other patched. I...
  19. GTI-Jay

    Anyone fitted an IC to a ACC (pre 2018) Gti ?

    Asking cos of that ACC sensor in the grill on the pre 2018's. Now they're in the logo, but prior we have that box in the lower grill. Anyway, was wondering about getting an IC but concerned that it won't fit cos of all the ACC wiring and module getting in the way. Also, if you remove this...
  20. GTI-Jay

    Kessy owners - where are you putting your key?

    Where are you putting your key when you get in your car? Just curious. Personally i hate having things in my pockets, so whenever i get in a keyless start auto, i'm like ok where do i store this key now... Do you keep it in your man purse? Glove box ? Pocket and live with the bulge ? Cup...