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    proper oil level - on dipstick

    I've been driving with it at that level for a couple months (about 1.2K miles). I'm not sure the exact oil they use but I think it's VW branded Mobil 1.
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    proper oil level - on dipstick

    After my last oil change at the dealership I checked the dipstick and the oil level showed up just over the minimum mark. Is this okay or considered low? In the past they've always filled to show a much higher reading. I'm wondering if I should top it off.
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    Performance Monitor HMI "Missing" from New 2021 GTI

    Did they ever release an update to enable this?
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    front haldex.

    Does the 2018 SE need this service? My dealership says not.
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    APR Plus

    You mean permanently switch it off, rather than have to push the button each time you start driving?
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    Bought a TCR Muffler for my US spec Mk7.5 GTI

    Wow nice! That means they must have them inventory. I thought I read before ShopDAP orders them specifically for each customer order.
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    Rain sensing wipers - won't stop wiping when enabled

    I'm pretty sure that's a bot, I've caught you replying to them a few times lol
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    Performance Monitor HMI "Missing" from New 2021 GTI

    Hmm does your infotainment system have the "Car" button? A lot of GTI/GLI owners probably think the performance monitor is gimmicky but I love it. It always seems to interest my passengers.
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    Another case of peeling sunroof trim clearcoat

    Do you think the time it takes for this to happen is related to sun exposure?
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    feeling guilty...forgot about oil change

    Thanks all, I am one of those people who worry about little things like this but won't go to the dentist until I absolutely have to lol
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    feeling guilty...forgot about oil change

    After learning about the short trip/moisture build up issue a couple years ago at least 2-3 times a week I basically go on a joy ride hoping it will burn it off. It is hard for me without going out of my way because I live so close to everywhere I need to go.
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    feeling guilty...forgot about oil change

    I only hit 5K miles since my last oil change but I just realized it has been 14 months. For most of the pandemic I was stuck in town and only have a few mile drive to work. Typically I am one of those people who does routine maintenance early. Most people seem to recommend doing oil changes more...
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    APR Plus

    How does this play with the stock DSG programming? Does it cause any issues in daily drivability?
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    At what point do the rattles emerge?

    Well that's one way to get rid of the rattles. Get a brand new car and hope it's better.
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    charcoal cabin air filters

    They work very well in my experience, the downside is they put more load on the blower.
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    charcoal cabin air filters

    I think this is very similar if you want to give it a try.
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    Wireless Android Auto Indiegogo project

    Did they lower the price? I kept meaning to order this, now looks like I'll have to wait until October for delivery.
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    Is it possible to fix or improve the appearance of light surface chips on the headlights?

    My headlights have a bunch of tiny chips mostly on the bottom area of the plastic just above the bumper. I guess you could call some of them scratches. Is there a product that will reduce the visibility of these? They look pretty bad when the headlights are on. I know there are plenty of...