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    What is your occupation?

    I work related to boats too. Used to work at the local Viking Yacht dealer, now im an insurance broker and my specialty is boats and marine insurance.
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    Lookng for Scott, used to own a golf r

    I know this is difficult but Im looking for a guy named Scott, I don't have his last name. I guess he lives in Florida near Coconut Creek and he used to own a 2015 black Golf R. I think I bough his car and he still has the oem intake and one spare key.
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    DIY: BMS JB Usb Through Firewall

    Today I managed to pass the usb cable for the JB through firewall, it can also be used for any other cable or meth kit. Is always better to do it when the car is cold and use the proper tools and security equipment. 1. Disconnect battery + and -, (2)10mm. 2. Remove the black cover from the...
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    Top Speed

    Before reflash or tuning at what speed your car limits???? In a forum I readis set to limit at 153 but mine limits near 120.
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    Boost Peak

    If you are stock or tuned you can comment. Cars with Apr, Unitronic, Giac, Revo or Eurodyne how much boost are you running?
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    Cornering Lights with fog lights

    Hello, I have a 2015 GTi S model with Lightning Pkg. My cornering lights doesn't work when my fog lights are turned on, when they are off if I turn the steering or have the turn signal on they work normally. Is thist normal?
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    instagram usernames

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    Stock Dyno

    Hi, I was able to go to the dyno earlier today, the conditions were not the best 98.7 degrees and 44% humidity in Puerto Rico. My car is stock with 93 octane gas. This car is very fun and feels fast, I was very surprised with the numbers. Mods to come: Ecu Tune (JB4, Apr or Unitronic) Meth...