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  1. sprinks

    $125 Shipped JB4 and no-tap harness

    no bluetooth
  2. sprinks

    $125 Shipped JB4 and no-tap harness

    Selling a used JB4 and no-tap harness. Bought it used previously for the alltrack and never got around to installing it. My loss, your gain.
  3. sprinks

    Golf key fob emblem replacement

    I bought the updated logo. Turns out it is a bit more recessed and metal. Feels nice. 10/10 if you want an update.
  4. sprinks

    H7 LED Bulb replacement for halogen

    nah, most of them are trash. And i think won't pass the annual safety checks. Look into an aftermarket housing like the osram housing with full LED and DOT/TUV approval.
  5. sprinks

    HID Bulb Replacement (FRUSTRATING)

    if you used d2h bulbs, yeah, 10 months sounds about right in my experience. i recommend switching to the adapters (amp to d2s, someone posted them earlier) so you can run legit d2s bulbs. This may require some DIY to the housing seal (i think i had to drill a hole to run the cable out of, and...
  6. sprinks

    What is with all the SPAM about gummies ?

    mods asleep. Post gummies.
  7. sprinks

    DIY MIB1 to MIB2 Infotainment Conversion (Part 1)

    i'd honestly try him up again, or hit up Jack if he's still around. both do great work.
  8. sprinks

    Headlight Options

    7 years ownership and zero problems thus far.
  9. sprinks

    Rear Brake Fire on track

    my point generally being that rear brakes on FWD on track basically are there for the ride, especially with ESC off. Throw a track pad at em and call it a day was my point. :)
  10. sprinks

    Rear Brake Fire on track

    i will also add as a note for thought: The TCR cars run the 272x10 brakes, but also use track specific pads and no ESC (also very stoppy front brakes for proper braking, but let's focus back brakes for time being). I would recommend emulating that setup.
  11. sprinks

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Nah, he posted it on a separate thread too. Glad poster is safe. That looks intense.
  12. sprinks

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    suddenly the toothofwar user handle makes sense.
  13. sprinks

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    i got to see the FCP euro TCR while still in white when it came down to VIR back in 2018. loved every bit of it.
  14. sprinks

    Headlight Options

    honestly, i'd give it a go at the polish first. yeah it won't be perfect, but it should be a significant improvement. and then if not, i'd be ebaying a new set of gently used OEMs.
  15. sprinks

    Headlight Options

    you know the US assemblies are similarly priced right? (gti pictured, but close enough)
  16. sprinks

    Headlight Options

    OEMs mean either get to polishing and reseal with clear OR look into OEM replacement (new or used, that'll run about 800-1000 per assembly iirc).
  17. sprinks


    yeah i think if you don't want something with mods attached to it already, i'd pass on it. Some of us like the TCR because it's a part that the US never got (because we never got the TCR model).
  18. sprinks

    Ugh, waiting months on a replacement headlight

    @Bretterson do you want ebay links for a replacement housing? :D