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  1. WalkerT

    Macan Vs TTS callipers

    So those are the Macan rear or fronts, and you needed a +30 offset to clear the calipers? ps they look awesome!
  2. WalkerT

    Macan Vs TTS callipers

    The B9 audi A4 lists 338mm rotor are 57.1mm tall so the offset is way off when you look at the 49.7 mm Golf R rotor. So 7.4mm would have to be moved (manufacture a bracket) in order to use the A4 B9 calipers on a mk7 ,mk6, ect. Looking forward to see the results on the Macan Brake setup.
  3. WalkerT

    Dubsplash!! biggest VW show in north TX

    Der Luftkülers (DLK) and Lewisville Volkswagen ( proudly present Düb Splash 2014 :D EVENT COVERAGE by HOT VWs MAGAZINE!!! Come hang out with fellow Volkswagen enthusiasts and show off your Düb Sunday JULY 6th 2014. Both Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled VW’s with the...