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    Innovate Ethanol Gauge Cubby Holder

    This is a gauge holder I designed to fit in the cubby for an INNOVATE motorsports ethanol gauge. It provides mounting points for the screws and leaves room for the extra cables to be tucked behind leaving the rest of cubby free for small loose things to not get lost behind in a mess. Also looks...
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    looking for Xforce downpipe

    Does xforce have a downpipe? I have their mid resonator if that's what you meant
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    19x9 ET40 Neuspeed RSE10s with235/35/19 Conti DWS06

    Wanted to go to a summer 18 with so getting rid of this set locally in Seattle area Wheels are gunmetal 19x9 ET40. 2 recently had curb rash repaired and look spotless. Conti DWS06 have maybe 4000 miles on them recon 80% life if not more. Looking for $1300 OBO local photos to sell you on the...
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    Rear main leak?

    Any verdict? I have a similar leak with some oil around bottom of trans case, pendulum mount, and definitely see the differnt color of the subframe. also some around the oil pan. Might do a diff service to see if i've lost liquid there. Worried it could be the Iabed i put in during clutch but...
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    Looking for Aerofabb v2 splitter

    Whats wrong with the one a few posts down?
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    Baun Performance Res Midpipe (3" to 2.5") and MK7.5 parts

    Actually the Xforce one is just a straight Resonator piece. So if you have a straight section it will fit. There will need to be a little bit of custom fab it's essentially just buying a res there not a full midpipe.
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    SOLD: NEW, never mounted HRE Flow Formed FF15 in Tarmac 19x8.5 ET47

    Man i'm really tempted. I'm trying to change to 18s again for more sidewall though
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    Vancouver Chat Thread

    You might notice a small difference in throttle response with the high flow filter. It’s quite subtle but it’s all yoh need for your intake
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    Recommendations Needed - Stage 1 clutch

    Then at least do a stage 2 clutch. The staging is BS it doesn’t line up it’s just a way to market different levels.
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    Recommendations Needed - Stage 1 clutch

    Im on a south bend stage 3 daily and it was worth the money IMO. Stage 1 clutch is not enough. Even stage 2 clutch barely covers stage 2 so like they said keep your options open and consider one that can hold more power. DKM and BFI are other options that might be a bit more affordable but...
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    Resonator Delete

    Do a catback. As someone who has chopped up and played around with the exhaust in many different ways it would have been easiest to go with a catback. I now have the xforce with a catted DP. Using the non-resonated part and it meets all of my preferences. Not only that you have the option to...
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    Baun Performance Res Midpipe (3" to 2.5") and MK7.5 parts

    Selling a few exhaust parts and stock parts now that I have my exhaust figured out. Feel free to PM me for pictures and offers. Baun Performance Resonated Midpipe (3" inlet to 2.5") from aftermarket dp to stock catback system - SOLD NEW XForce resonated midpipe section (3" to 3") - $50 +...
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    3D Printed Parts - Fun & Functional

    Yea I mean I can make it a long term project just to have them. I want to avoid measuring and surfacing and all that fun stuff that will take me a long time if I can but maybe I'll do it if I'm bored. Mostly wanted to work on some projects to save money and have some fun custom modifications but...
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    $2500 budget need advice

    Depends what you're going for. Lower and harsher ride quality: VWR, Eibach, H&R Super Sport Middle ground: APR Less drop closest to stock: DG Plenty of options should be good amount of information in the threads
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    IS38 Tune with Factory Downpipe

    An aftermarket DP, upgraded res, and a stock muffler is pretty darn quiet...No drone ever cant even hear my engine revs during a rev match...
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    Axle to Axle Flange Torque Spec?

    Torque should be 70 N-m though. That's what I found at least and my axle seems to still be on the car.
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    Axle to Axle Flange Torque Spec?

    They aren't torx 50s. I think T50 works but they should be a M12 triple square. Also I believe the torque spec is 70 nm.
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    $2500 budget need advice

    Maybe just do some springs for aesthetics. it does sit a bit high stock