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    Slave cylinder/ throw out bearing is air locked!! Please help!

    I did my new clutch this weekend, install went well, however I did not bench bleed the new throw out bc from what I read manually doing so with our style throw out could damage it. Ive done the typical style bleeding from the master cylinder to the bleeder block thats fine no bubbles. Ive tried...
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    Meth/ Nitrious

    Could we run them in parallel or would it be series lol thats my thought, soo as boost builds and meth starts to spray could you also have no spraying our front mounts at the same time at the "same" interval/quantity as the meth? So use the meth controller as the brain to control the trigger to...
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    Manifold runner flaps

    From the pic we can see from aquamist in the methanol post, if we have them, what do they do? Can we remove them? And is it worth it? When I had my subaru I did a tgv delete is this something similiar?
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    Eurodyne stg 2 + meth

    So Ive been looking into the meth option. If we are already tuned w eurodyne what would be the best way to run meth? Is there a pipe that already has the bung installed where it should be? Given the eurodyne tune what would be the best way to control it, maybe a jb1 on top of our tune...
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    Clicking from glove box?

    Hey guys, no idea where to post this so feel free to move it. The past couple days when I start my car I get a very loud clicking from what sounds to be behind/ in my glove box. It clicks like 7 times or so and then stops, every now and then it wont do it. But its very weird to me! Anyone else...
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    Oil change and inspection warning

    no one that has vcds can check these inspection values for me? I need the values starting at the top ESI highlighted in blue down to the bottom channel of Fix. These are found in 17 instruments and then adaptation channels.
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    Oil change and inspection warning

    Hey guys, I had my car at the dealer the other day. They replaced one of my tires, and now my mfd says oil change and inspection in 18700mi. Every time I start the car it shows up on my dash and then the mfd. Also when I turn the car off it does it as well. It is incredibly annoying and have...