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    Neuspeed Power Module ($225 shipped)

    Like New Neuspeed Power Module. Increases 35-40+ HP Gain Plug and Play Module for multiple Audi and VW models shown in picture above. Came off of VW Golf R. Got a tune, so took this off. Please let me know if you have any questions. $225 shipped in continental US. Thanks!
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    "First World Problems"

    Stolen from Nasioc (whose OT is the shit, btw) Here's a little forum to post and vent your 'white people' problems: They must follow the conditions: 1. It is far from a real problem 2. It should garner little to no sympathy from your fellow man person. 3. And please try to make it something...
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    Bering Sea Mega Superstorm Shits going to get cereal. It's a Snorricane.
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 2)

    One of my fav's.
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 2)

    Amazing game.
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 2)

    Nick, I thought of you when I saw this
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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 2)

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    The Golfmkv OFF-TOPIC chat (Part 2)

    Like this, duh...
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    Any DJ's in here wanting to help a noob?

    Heyo, First, I know there are a good amount of DJ's or mixers on this forum. But I am wondering if I can get some help with starting out. This is just for fun, so Im not looking for the best of the best or to showcase anything haha. You know, techno, house, rock mixes, etc. Just looking for...
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    Irene: East Coast, you ready? Looks like its a good possibility.
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    My messed up day yesterday

    LOL I stand corrected.. So come at them with this?
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    Tiger-Tiger Woods, Y'all!

    Tiger Woods 2012. Just picked it up last night. My roommate has had it for a couple of days and I played it with him and thats where I caught the bug. I HATE golf.. Watching it, playing it in real life, hearing about it. But once I got the hang of the game, I was caught up and addicted. Anyone...
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    what do you think about a used wrx?

    Heres a pic of the bay. I couldnt see as much as I would have liked to, but I wont know much more until I can get a local subie guy to go with me to check it out again or am able to get it to a shop on a lift.
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    My loser-ass is spending New Year's Eve alone

    Sounds like you should go all out and.. Get a hooker. At least bust a nut for the new year... And not by
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    Les see

    LMAO I love how you put the H in front of Whammy. Makes me think of
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    The Birdman

    I thought of this
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