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    2020 HPDE Plans

    I Dont know how much exp you have there is a 6 race seriers in Oio SC,GA,and back to another track in SC.The first race pays $50.000 to the winner the race in Savannah GA pays $20.000 it is oval and somewhat stock 4cylFWD.people from all around the USA come to race in it.There is a 4 day event...
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    a 2 parter on engine swaps for vw and the truth from a expert

    I have a 99 Passat 1.8t .I am tired of getting beat by Hondas.This is a Nascar Sanctioned Track Bristol.M y roll cage is almost the same as the CUP series.very safe. What engine will go in my Passat along with mods and tunes and even a block bare and a build from the crank up.Please Help next...