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    AFS cornering Light Error

    Thanks for the reply! I really dont know what to do with this issue i swapped 3 headlights already. But the problem is still on the left side Light, even if i switch the control modules between them selfs. I will try to check the connectors on the left side. Could it be that the main control...
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    AFS cornering Light Error

    Hello everyone im really desperate, My car is GOLF MK7 2014 with static AFS. Here is my problem, I got a water leak in headlight so when i saw that there is humidity in the headlight and i’ve got an AFS error i removed the headlight just to find out the control units were full of water. So...
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    Retrofit frameless mirror

    Hi everyone, Im in the process of swapping the interior from Grey to Titan Black and i’ve come to a problem that the black preFL rear view mirror with autodimming is hard to find. So my question is Did someone try to retrofit the frameless mirror to preFL golf Mk7 ? I’d seen some retrofits...
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    Estate vs Estate R Rear Bumper

    From my experience I was retrofitting the FL Rline bumper to my Pre FL golf Estate, So I can tell you that : - pre FL, the R, RLine the bumpers are different , Gtd/gti/Tsi/Tdi are the same bumper with different diffuser . - FL , the bumpers are the same, only the diffusers are different.
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    Rear Interior Light replacement Mk 7 Estate

    Hello everyone, please did anyone replace these lights ? I really Cannot remove them without breaking them… Is there any Removal instruction ? Od does someone know how to remove the Light ? Or the whole fixture ? Every help will be much appreciated ..
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    Dynaudio speakers issues

    I Figured what was the problem. If someone is going to swap their speakers from štandard to Dynaudio you need to swap pins in the connector. Dynaudio speakers have different aligment of pins.
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    Dynaudio speakers issues

    Hello everyone, i have mk7 preFL And i had the leaking through rear speakers issue, so i decided to get Dynaudio speakers to the rear, but after connecting the speakers they are not working tried it with fader but only the tweeters work… Is there any problem with those speakers or do i need an...
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    RGB Ambient Lighting for Mk7 and Mk7.5

    Hi everyone, i would like to upgrade the OEM white ambient Lights to the 30 color one from AliExpress with decoder. Did anyone did this kind of upgrade ? could i just tap into the original wiring ? Or i need to rewire everything ? Could someone please have info About this ? Thank you very much...
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    HID or LED

    Hi everyone I have Bi-xenon headlights and I would like to ask did anyone swapped HID to LED ? I still have OEM hid bulbs and I am starting to notice they are not as bright as they were.. so I am looking forward to changing them.. Should I just buy new hid bulbs but 6500K/8000K or should I buy...
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    MK7.5 headlights to MK7

    Oh, thanks for the info… so i need to change whole front of the car… that will cost too much 😄
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    MK7.5 headlights to MK7

    Hi everyone, i would like to ask if someonw tried to swap the headlights from facelift to prefacelift ? Basicaly i bixenon preFL headlights and I have microcracks on them the light is faded and “white” i tried to polish it but it is the same so i want to change it.. i found some headlights from...
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    Common issues: creaking front suspension.

    Hello everyone, hope this thread is still alive. My front suspension is creaking over speed bumps.. I have lubed everything - the creaking stil persist. I have checked bushings, everything is tight. I changed front struts and mounts the car creaks still. What else is there to change or try to...
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    PDC Retrofit Question

    Hey everyone, I am changing PLA 3.0. I would like to ask how did you Swap the module ? i have 5Q0 module and I am changing it to 5QA. My car already have 12 sensors and self parking (only in reverse). My problem is that the 5QA module is bigger than the 5Q0 and it does not fit to the bracket...
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    How To Question about Park Assist (PLA3.0)

    Hi guys, I bought the PLA3.0 to replace my PLA2.0. So when i was changing the modules i found out that the PLA3.0 is physically bigger that the PLA2.0 and it won’t fit into the holder. What did you do to make it fit into the bracket ? Did you change the whole bracket ?
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    Deleted thread

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    MK7 to MK7.5 Steering wheel

    Thanks that was the info i needed 🙂 So the View button will work, but you need to sacrifice the (Call Button). Even if you upgrade to the MK8 steering wheel it will work. That is great.
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    MK7 to MK7.5 Steering wheel

    So what i have found out. Not personal experience. But even the vw Polo have the view button and it have an analog cluster. Only thing to do is to try it. I was talking to a seller of the mk8 steering wheel touchscreen one It is a direct swap. If you don’t have and don’t want use Acc and...
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    MK7 to MK7.5 Steering wheel

    Yesterday I saw this. The facelift Mk7 without AID and it have the view button. so the view button have to have some purpouse.. i dont think that the button wont have any purpouse from factory.
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    GOLF MK7 (Base model) ACC RETROFIT ! DIY

    One important question for you @doctor I have the 5Q0 front camera. And i want pACC so i need to change the camera for 3Q0. The camera is physically different. Do I need to change the windshield ? Or just the bracket for the camera? Or it will fit to the existing bracket?
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    MK7 to MK7.5 Steering wheel

    Thanks for your help. Base model of the steering wheel should be a direct swap. If you dont have ACC. The seller told me in case i have ACC i need to change the GW to 3Q0. So if i chose touch mfsw i need as you wrote. New GW, Clock spring, airbag(i have checked the original airbag wont fit. Mk7...