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    Everything’s is gone, except for rotors . Brand new . Bought about one week before the accident . PM. Thank you for everyone that grabbed the other stuff
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    Springs, BOV sold . Sorry forgot to update
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    If all the parts sell will get a golf R. If nothing sells I’ll stay with a GTI I guess
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    B i did not. I think I will go with getting another GTI
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    $650 OBO. Don’t really know prices for one week old rotors ?
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    Yea someone up there is watching out for me, somehow jumped into the passenger seat and than out the passenger door .
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    Was standing at a stop. Semi truck didn’t take a wide enough turn and completely sliced sliced my whole roof. Engine is completely fine but they are totaling because of PILLAR and FRAME damage. Here are all of the after market parts I took off 1. Forge blow off valve ( sounds amazing) 4K miles...
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    Need help.

    So I have a Rpm stutter. Don’t know if there’s an official name for it, but I shall explain . No CEL no other problems . No weird sounds, just one thing When I go hard on the gas . Anywhere after 3rd gear, sometimes even in third. My RPM’s fly up as supposed to but they’ll drop 1-2k rpms and...
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    WTB : P3 gauge

    Don’t know if this was supposed to go under interior or electronics but looking to buy one of these. If anyone has one. Please PM me. Will pay a decent price. Not a boost gauge, a full gauge Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Need help! Catless downpipe CEL

    New to this, so don’t know if it had been answered somewhere but from where I looked could not find it. Problem: I got a brand new APR downpipe, but instead of using the cat they give you, I went catless and just put in pipe. Even after going stage 2 tune I still have the CEL. What are my...
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    APR MK7 springs

    First post hopefully i put it in the right spot. Does anyone have experience with APR Springs? Want to keep my car as full APR if possible, Wondering if their springs are any good.