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  1. Jacobmk7

    Hit Deer, Need Advice

    Appreciate the help guys, some of his fur got stuck between the rim and tire so I think it should be pretty hard for the insurance company to deny.
  2. Jacobmk7

    Hit Deer, Need Advice

    What’s his email?
  3. Jacobmk7

    Hit Deer, Need Advice

    So I just had a deer run into the side of my GTI, mess up up the quarter panel really good and shattered my Ed’s replica headlight. Does Ed sell just one headlight or do I have to buy the pair? Any help would be appreciated!
  4. Jacobmk7

    Immature kids and their BOVs

    Let the kids have fun
  5. Jacobmk7

    Clicking at full lock when moving

    Take it to the dealer
  6. Jacobmk7

    Squeaky sound coming from glove box when heat is on

    I get that sometime when making a hard left on a cold morning.
  7. Jacobmk7

    Higher Mileage - Stuff to Look For

    Water pump and coolant, check for oil leaks, it’s a pretty solid car otherwise.
  8. Jacobmk7

    Anyone here switch from GTI to a Macan S?

    Don’t ever remember an sq5 diesel, current or previous gen. I think you may be confusing it with the previous gen q5 which was offered with a diesel.
  9. Jacobmk7

    Trusted Indie Shop by State Thread

    Apex tuning has been amazing, treated me very well and good prices.
  10. Jacobmk7

    DSG service question

    It’s a lot easier if you fill it via the trans filter housing too
  11. Jacobmk7

    Strange cyclic whoosing noise on idle

    Take off the serpentine belt and see if it goes away.
  12. Jacobmk7

    Petrol flap issue

    My actuator went bad but it didn’t work with the door buttons or the fob. Weird how yours only works with the fob?
  13. Jacobmk7

    White dust from air vents VW Golf Gtd Mk7

    I feel like I remember hearing this before, I think the culprit was the heater core.
  14. Jacobmk7

    TDI Adblue Problems

    Alright thanks for the response!
  15. Jacobmk7

    TDI Adblue Problems

    Hey, I have a friend with a mk6 Jetta tdi, same engine as golf tdi. It is saying on the dash 250 miles until no restart. The def tank is full though, any advice would be appreciated.