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  1. Superfreak

    SOLD Spacers - Mk7 GTi Flush Kit - Full Set Of Hubcentric Wheel Spacers - used

    SOLD I bought these used and wasn’t able to use them. These are for stock wheels, or stock wheels and specs, I believe. Too much poke for the wheels I was running. The black lugs are for the 20mm spacers and chrome are for the 15mm spacers. SOLD. PayPal goods and services, plus shipping...
  2. Superfreak

    Mk7 driver headlight - sold

    SOLD SOLD, plus shipping and 3% PayPal goods and services. Please pm with any questions.
  3. Superfreak

    HVAC companies are becoming near scammers rant

    Not HVAC, but a neighbor of mine recently spent $120k on a replacement deck. Absolutely crazy. Installers will charge what customers will pay. Crazy world.
  4. Superfreak

    ECS Upgraded PCV Breather Hose - new never opened

    I bought this but never installed it prior to selling my Mk7R. SOLD plus shipping. PayPal goods and services only.
  5. Superfreak

    Tuning Companies Fined

    I do depise the coal rollers, so I’m not sad about that. I also dislike even driving behind catless cars, though ethanol tuned doesn’t seem to stink. So yeah, good news IMO.
  6. Superfreak

    Denver area dealer recommendations?

    Berg Performance or Hadrey’s for service. Bluewater can suck it. No dealer experience, sorry. I don’t trust any dealers.
  7. Superfreak

    Anyone trade their mk7 for something more comfortable?

    It wasn’t great with Eibach lowering springs, but yeah I was in comfort most of the time. 18s were better than 19s, but not a lot better. It seemed like the biggest difference was high speed bumps. The m2 is amazingly better at higher speed bumps. Still, it’s a stiff stock suspension so I...
  8. Superfreak

    Anyone trade their mk7 for something more comfortable?

    Well to be fair, I was in lowering springs on the mk7 and don’t have any experience with the stock springs.
  9. Superfreak

    Anyone trade their mk7 for something more comfortable?

    I went from lowered Golf R (Eibach springs) to an M2 Competition. The M2 is a little better but I’m getting softer springs anyway, as the stock springs are a little harsh. It’s a huge improvement at higher speeds.
  10. Superfreak

    EVs or This?

    I was thinking that you could just source your own drivetrain, but it might be some extra work. It’s a kit, after all. I‘m sure there’s a way but maybe a different kit or spend more money. I remember seeing an ‘83 Mustang as a young kid in North Dakota and thinking that I liked it, not...
  11. Superfreak

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    I saw something like this on Legit Street Cars the other day. I might go ahead and buy one with multiple nozzles: 7 nozzle pressure washer
  12. Superfreak

    Let's have a chat about winter/snow tires.

    I hear you on midwestern winters. I grew up driving a rwd Olds Cutlass Supreme with shit all-seasons in MN winters without ever getting stuck. I’d be willing to guess that most of these dedicated winter tires would do just fine.
  13. Superfreak

    Let's have a chat about winter/snow tires.

    We’ve had a few snow tires on the cars over the years. Currently on Pirelli Sottozero 3’s and they’re the best that we’ve had, in my opinion. Super smooth, tons of grip in the snow and they ride quietly in the dry. They’re pretty heavy but they’re on the Allroad and that car isn’t for speed...
  14. Superfreak

    Cars and Bids, BAT, etc.

    Soooo, an STI, or a GT3 911? I know it’s not a fair comparison, but cost-wise, for me, it’s an easy choice.
  15. Superfreak

    MK7 "Random / "Stupid" Questions Thread"

    I’ve heard of people using the clutch like a dead pedal, applying a small amount of force. That burns through clutches very quickly. I noticed my wife driving my old atsv in such a way, though she swears that she wasn’t pressing on the clutch at all. I still made a pretty big deal out of it...
  16. Superfreak

    EVs or This?

    I love Cobras, and have always wanted one. That’s the better question, would you rather have a kit car or an EV? For a daily driver? I’d go for an EV. For a fun car? A kit car, of course. I didn’t see what trans you can get but I’m sure you could find one or build one with an automatic...
  17. Superfreak

    EVs or This?

    Hot rods are cool, for sure, but super impractical. They can’t brake and turn all that well, in general, and often are just for show, or maybe 1/4 mile. Strange to say it but I think I’d take an EV.