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    No Hole EURO License Plate Mount

    I moved to Germany and don't want to drill holes in my bumper for the Euro plate. Has anyone seen the tow hook mount plate holder for Euro plates?
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    Forgestar F14 19x8.5 et45 Piano Black $1000

    Basically new wheels, no rash, great shape. Come with lugs
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    FT: Forgestar F14's 19x8.5 +45 Piano Black

    I just picked up a set of Piano Black Forgestar F14's. These wheels are gorgeous, and they only weigh 19lbs! They're super new, no damage at all. I'm considering trading them for something in gunmetal. What ya got?? Will also sell for $1100 Will ship- you pay shipping
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    Why Are So Many Wheels on Backorder!?

    I bought my '15 R a few weeks ago and I hate the stock 19's. I told myself I didn't mind saving a few bucks buying the 2015, because I could put some nice aftermarket wheels on it and it would look just as good/better than a brand new one. (I found a 2015 with only 15k miles on it) Well now...
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    WTB 19" Wheels!!

    I'm looking for some 19's. Send me some pics and prices of what you have for sale. Thank you!