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  1. whitewolf33

    "Car Guys"

    that is a cool story. Only in Nebraska lol
  2. whitewolf33

    Car to flip under 5k

    a car to flip and make money on? a car to drive around and eventually sell for what you got it for?
  3. whitewolf33

    POLE - How long until Plac/2013R/Mark returns to us?

    not bad! For the most part I do all my own maintenance/installs and I cant tell you how extremely helpful your videos have been. Thank you
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    Extended Warranty/Auto Service Contracts

    my family has always bought Ford Trucks but I really like that new Colorado. Ive been looking for a used Wrangler to have in addition to the GTI but those things really hold their value. My mother recently traded in her 2014 Grand Cherokee which I wanted (14k after 3 years!) but the buyout was...
  5. whitewolf33

    Mayweather or Mcgregor?

    I want McGregor to win so badly but its gonna be similar to the Pacquaio fight. Lot of dancing around and will end in a decision going to Mayweather. Definitely a money grab. The press conferences were amazing but they did too many. The promoting and interviews will be better then the actual fight
  6. whitewolf33

    The Official Road Rage Story Thread

    I agree its very dangerous but Ill admit Ive done it once or twice. Yes there are people out there who dgaf and will ram you and its going to really suck dealing with them in an accident but 99.9% of the people are going to see their life flash before there eyes and they'll think twice about...
  7. whitewolf33

    The Official Road Rage Story Thread

    there was a family like this when I was growing up. Always in the street playing basketball, hockey, baseball. Literally blocked the road with hockey nets, basketball hoops. Treated the street as their own front yard and if you came anywhere near the speed limit, everyone (including the kids)...
  8. whitewolf33

    Hilary or Trump (and why?)

    this is too long of a conversation to have online. My short answer is that they both suck but Trump needs to win so the female version of Obama doesn't.
  9. whitewolf33

    Site slow down... when is it a good time to migrate servers?

    I thought we lost the site forever
  10. whitewolf33

    Site slow down... when is it a good time to migrate servers?

    Seems to be ok now but last week and the week before the site was basically unuseable
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    Would you buy this?

    I saw this Tiguan GTE Active Concept at the NY international Auto Show a few weeks ago... Id take this
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    A little story I wished to share

    This thread is worthless without pics
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    Shell V-Power Nitro+

    I tried this nitro + recently. I wasnt really expecting to feel a difference but I was hoping for it. Car ran the same as when I get my usual BP 93.
  14. whitewolf33

    Verizon vs TMobile vs Sprint?

    Ive been on the same sprint family plan for about 12 years now and have a grandfathered plan in with unlimited data and texting. Its around $200 for 4 phones. Im not sure if the plan has unlimited minutes or not. Sprint isnt the best but its fine in my area so I dont see much need to change my...
  15. whitewolf33

    Brooklyn nine nine

    I'm not a huge Andy Samberg fan, he's a little too stupid for my liking. Terry Crews doesn't make it any better, unless you want to see some pec pops. I do like Andre Braugher as the chief though.
  16. whitewolf33

    Interesting in depth analysis of Blockbuster's epic fail

    Netflix and Redbox are both taking over I'm considering cancelling the premium channels on my cable subscription. Now that Boardwalk Empire is over, I don't have much use for HBO. I cant remember the last time I found an on demand movie I wanted to watch on cable that wasn't also on Netflix...
  17. whitewolf33

    Who's been to jail?

    been handcuffed to the bench in the precinct for a few hours but that's about it
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    House of cards 3 ending poll (Spoiler)

    I love this show but as stated, it definitely wasn't as clever this season. I knew Frank was a ruthless man but he just seemed like an angry guy trying to hold onto something he kinda sorta didn't earn. He wasn't as likeable this season. I like watching him and Claire play things out to their...
  19. whitewolf33

    Would you do this? How to climb the Shanghai Tower (650 meters)

    I couldn't... these videos give me anxiety... especially the guys who are hanging with one arm and do stunts a half a mile in the air with no safety harness did you see the guys who base jumped off the new world trade center? this I would totally do nz7sxt9xeJE