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  1. sbviir


    Damn I’ll be in Houston for work this week. If you want to meet up with any of the local group I’m with, look up Wetdub VW/Audi on Facebook.
  2. sbviir

    2022 Mk8 R reservations?

    Apologies if this has been covered before.. wasn't able to find anything. Has anything been released that says when you can start ordering Mk8 R's in the US? I'm looking to get one ordered when available and start to get all the parts off my 7R.
  3. sbviir

    Official Oryx White Pearl Golf R Thread

    Nice shot from some 1/8mi heads up racing.
  4. sbviir

    Maximum ethanol %?

    I'm currently on an e30 tune. Have a gauge and all necessary thing to run and monitor levels, but had a question in my head most of the day.. what is the maximum percentage of ethanol our cars can run on the stock hpfp? I usually stay +/-2% on 30%, but I've heard some running around e40.
  5. sbviir

    Garages of picture thread

    Should have been a bit more specific I guess, lol. 7spd manual and getting the AMS cat-back on soon.
  6. sbviir

    Garages of picture thread

    It’s just the Stingray.
  7. sbviir

    Show us your MK7

    Thank you! The previous owner used this as his daily in Louisiana and drove to Texas and Arkansas regularly so there are some minor rock chips and swirls from washes, but nothing other than that. Really surprised at the lack of under body rust. I'll be getting the chips, slight scratches, and...
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    No, that was Thunder Valley for Import Faceoff.
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    EQT E-Tuning Q&A

    7R currently on the e30 file. Occasionally in 2nd gear low to mid rpm I get a little "hiccup" from the car. Would that be from the stock hpfp?
  10. sbviir

    Your Mk7 year/mileage

    17 R - Manual - 90,400 miles. Purchased with 62,000.
  11. sbviir

    Show us your MK7

    Paint still looks great for 90k miles.
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    Haven’t seen a thread for Oklahoma yet so figured I’d start one. Here’s my 7R - Currently running EQT’s Stg 2 e30 file. Just hit 90k miles and plan on many many more.