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  1. Is That Coolant?

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Been waiting 2-3 months to receive all of it but I finally have the following in my possession: Not sure what order these are going to show up in but the list is: Towing hook (used cars sometimes dont have these!) - not pictured, if you dont know what one looks like, count yourself lucky...
  2. Is That Coolant?

    Show us your MK7

    Hi! Have been a "member" vicariously through some family members on here for a little bit and finally got around to making an account! Here is my favorite recent pic of my baby!
  3. Is That Coolant?

    Official Deep Black Pearl GTI / Golf Thread

    Top pic is when I first bought her back in October/November 2020 🖤 Bottom pic is the most recent I have from a trip with Vesta Turan and Battle Munky - you really cant tell how covered in road grime she is!