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  1. TheBlondeFella

    Unable To Attach Radio Station Logos After Software Update

    I still have the issue and believe its due to the software version I am now on that only allows radio station logos to be attached automatically. Sounds like you still have a software version that can still allow manually attaching
  2. TheBlondeFella

    MIB Helper

    Hi Can anyone give me an idea what the MIB helper portal is? Am I correct in thinking its an open source type portal to help people hack MIB units?
  3. TheBlondeFella

    Superpro lower control arms with added caster - Alignment concerns

    I spoke to a VAG tuning specialist about alignment and deadset kits and they said the that the only time they have ever had issues aligning a MK7 Golf was when it had a deadset kit fitted. As soon as they removed the kit, the alignment was perfect.
  4. TheBlondeFella

    Unable To Attach Radio Station Logos After Software Update

    So I've just had a software update that has completely wiped all of my radio logos most of which I had assigned manually I've accumulated a radio station library since owning my Mk7 Golf R in 2016 and have been using these logos without issue until the software update I was told to go to the...
  5. TheBlondeFella


    They are easily available here in the UK and Europe. Are there any US stockists that advertise over there? If not it would mean having them shipped from the EU. Not sure what vehicle identifiers they want. What are they asking for? When I looked at these the specs for a Mk7 / 7.5 Golf were easy...
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  7. TheBlondeFella


    I've just ordered a set of Neuspeed RSe11R. 18 x 8.5 et45 from the UKs only Neupseed official supplier. If you want a BBK friendly, light and strong track type wheel at very reasonable price, try a ProTrack One wheel. They're pretty much the wheel of choice for cars or very variety at the...
  8. TheBlondeFella

    Improving Ride Quality By Changing From 19's To 18's

    So, I need so help with improving my ride quality by changing from 19 inch wheels to 18 inch wheels rather than by changing the suspension. I have a bog standard, low mileage 2016 Mk7 R with DCC (standard camber). To date since buying the car in 2016 I’ve run the flowing wheels all in 19’s; OE...
  9. TheBlondeFella

    Rimless Mk7.5 Golf R interior rear view mirror retrofit to Mk7 R Golf.

    Does the HBA come from the rear view mirror? I can't see any lens or optics that would still allow this with that part number.
  10. TheBlondeFella

    Rimless Mk7.5 Golf R interior rear view mirror retrofit to Mk7 R Golf.

    Is there a non homelink version as I don't need / want the extra buttons?
  11. TheBlondeFella

    Rimless Mk7.5 Golf R interior rear view mirror retrofit to Mk7 R Golf.

    I'm trying to get info regarding the retrofit of the updated rimless rear view interior mirror fitted to Mk 7.5 Golf R to replace the older plastic rim version fitted to the Mk7 R. I know that there have been previous posts regarding this but my 2016 R is fitted with High Beam Assist (HBA) and...
  12. TheBlondeFella

    TTRS Brembo Upgrade Info

    Do Carbopad not make a 340 disc for a Mk7 R?
  13. TheBlondeFella

    Brembo OEM+ brake setup

    Unless this new brake set up is going to be substantially cheaper than current options, I'm struggling to see a market for it as its already full of established options. If we discount the 'proper' aftermarket BBK options offered by the likes of AP Racing etc. there are already a number of...
  14. TheBlondeFella

    Brembo OEM+ brake setup

    100% agree with this comment. I have the TTS callipers and they are great VFM for a 4 pot calliper and being designed for the MQB platform there are no issues with pedal feel or bleeding that the Macan callipers can sometime suffer from. This along without the requirement for separate hangers...
  15. TheBlondeFella

    Brembo OEM+ brake setup

    Thats about 6.5lbs right? Bearing in mind the TTS and Macan callipers are around 9 lb that's quite light. Whats the combined weight with the brackets though as the TTS & Macan don't need these?
  16. TheBlondeFella

    Brembo OEM+ brake setup

    Sounds like an 'interesting' alternative to the Macan, TTS, TTRS options. I'd be interested to hear what advantages this set up offers and more importantly what the cost would be.
  17. TheBlondeFella

    Anyone running 245/35/19 on STOCK SUSPENSION?

    Resurrecting this again ...:D I'm interested in running 245 35 19 on Revo wheels 19 x 8.5 et45 in a bid to help ride qaulity on the terrible UK roads. I was previously running a standard R 235 35 19 tyre on Motec wheels - 19 x 8.5 et43 and when the DCC was set at comfort and I pushed the car...
  18. TheBlondeFella

    New Forged Wheel Option - ORT Motorsport

    18lbs! Thats a light wheel. Looking forward to seeing them on a car.
  19. TheBlondeFella

    Disco Pro Canada - DVD playback no dialouge

    Did anyone come up with a fix for this in the end? I have the same issue and my local VW dealership are saying I need a new 5F unit.