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  1. Sandman GTI

    Another case of peeling sunroof trim clearcoat

    Might just need to remove all clear coat. Good news might be it does not look thick.
  2. Sandman GTI

    Another case of peeling sunroof trim clearcoat

    Not an easy fix. I have the issue which I blame on thin clear coat in this location. Why peeling might be due to temp change as on cooler days you can see the glue lines under this piece so the area peeling does not have glue under it. Talked to a paint shop and they really would not commit to...
  3. Sandman GTI

    Golf glovebox repair

    Try ECS Tuning. They have some spare parts for the glove box. I purchased the small rubber bumpers once. I think they even list entire box for sale.
  4. Sandman GTI

    TPMS and new wheels

    No TPMS sensors on Golf. When changing or setting air pressure, you go into main panel and reset the tire pressure system. If you get new wheels or tires, reset the same system. VW used speed rotation to determine if the tires circumference has changed to alert on pressure. Less pressure smaller...
  5. Sandman GTI

    My GTI Clubsport YouTube channel (shameless self promotion)

    Thanks. Yes, one would think the CSS would be beefed up more for the 13 mile track run it was designed for. Would be interesting to know. Thanks again.
  6. Sandman GTI

    Best All season tires?

    Buy wall mount tire rack from Tirerack and bolt to the wall. You can keep them well off the floor. Doable but land lord might not like the big bolt holes. But what a cool apartment. Add Swisstrax floor and turn it into a Garage Apt.
  7. Sandman GTI

    My GTI Clubsport YouTube channel (shameless self promotion)

    Replicate, Clusport Wheel bearing/housing on your site, are they for use only with Clubsport front spindles or do they also fit standard GTI spindles? What is different on the Clubsport bearing housing if they can be used with normal GTI parts. Thanks for offering Clubsport OE items.
  8. Sandman GTI

    Want a bit more sound with CSS Muffler

    Can try delete, but if drone, then try vibrant resonator in place. Have heard downpipe with CSS exhaust will drone. Not sure if vibrant would help enough with this. Drive a little while (month) then decide. After some miles the CSS exhaust will change a little. If not tuned, a stage 1 tune...
  9. Sandman GTI

    Another case of peeling sunroof trim clearcoat

    Thanks for part info. Does anyone know for sure how this is attached? Info I have is that the part is glued and hand to be forced loose and then scrapped to remove glue. Has anyone had this work performed or changed the part to fix this issue? Any details to share. Also, anyone who has had it...
  10. Sandman GTI

    Is this the most scenic drag strip?

    Buy it, they will come. Or, we will come. Old strip mining site?
  11. Sandman GTI

    Ebay spoiler question! (name and product review)

    I have only seen on Ali-Express. So likely a China maker. Just something one must try. Look for good supplier rating, look at store items and if they have many GTI items, might be a safe buy. There is some risk, but I would buy with the plan to not return. I have never tried to return or...
  12. Sandman GTI

    FS: A3 Rear Subframe Harmonic Damper *Sold*

    If he backs out let me know.
  13. Sandman GTI

    Diggs24 Build Thread - "Tapioca XL"

    Reminds me of when I put, then new, Bridgestone RE11's and backing out the driveway rocks were sticking to the tires. I thought, what have I done with summer tires! But having removed the tire stickers the adhesive that was left was picking up rocks. After a mile it ran normal. My "Oh Shit" moment.
  14. Sandman GTI

    Eibach Sportline Springs: ...

    Still kicking. I sent you a PM to the one you sent with info. I do have DCC and at 75,000, still going well on Eibach Prokit. Even the 1 inch drop changes how you drive some. Pot holes and man hole covers are never a friend. I find the stock 18" Austin wheels not very good for bad roads. My...
  15. Sandman GTI

    Did the GTI Clubsport S come with a strut bar?

    From my understanding the rear so called brace and net was mainly a cargo containment bar and net for every day use. Items I read did not suggest this rear strut bar was the best design if strength was the goal.
  16. Sandman GTI

    Replacement OEM leather seat skins

    Katzkins!!!!!!!! Good time to upgrade and replace the entire interior. On their site they do not list the GTI only Gulf but prior on site they had picks of GTI's so might be good to ask. Good seat replacements and you can custom design. I know you can get OE replacements as my driver side was...
  17. Sandman GTI

    Rust Protection

    Krown will not hurt. In Fall, clean good and get car up as high as you can and spray the exposed metal items. Reapply each year as needed. Even with good was some parts will rust, so the Krown will protect and also help your baby look good.
  18. Sandman GTI

    Mk7 GTI DSG problems

    Oil level check? If you are going in I would just having the DSG serviced again so you know. Change filter also.
  19. Sandman GTI

    Want to buy 2021 Autobahn, need some guidance

    Notice one for $35,000 which had discounts to reach this. Offer, negotiate. Money talks. White Silver my pick.