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    New 2 piece 340 x 30 disks

    Quick update. EBC Yellow , properly bedded in, working quite well on these rotors. Rotors are quiet, no balance issues and fit up very well. Have added Audi control arm ducts/guides. So far only heavy street use, but nice improvement over stock rotors, EBC Red. Dust seems on par with stock...
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    New 2 piece 340 x 30 disks

    These are directional vanes. Identified Left and Right. Did not have access to our super accurate scale, but an a postage scale these were a tad under 19 lbs. I’ll try and get pics of the included literature. Quite interesting.
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    New 2 piece 340 x 30 disks

    Ok, a bit of background, I have been around Motorsport brake systems a long time. Back to Schnitzer, Alpina and factory Motorsport BMW . Alcon, Brembo, Girling, etc etc. Came accross these Platz1 Motorsport disks on eBay. I thought the same thing you are thinking now. So I messaged them and...
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    SOLD NIB Whiteline Control Arms

    These are SOLD !!!!!!! New in box, never installed, as delivered. These are beautiful. Am designing some fully adjustable 7075 T6 arms as a project. $220.00 shipped CONUS.
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    Interested, these are "used" ? will need new crush washers on banjo bolts?

    Interested, these are "used" ? will need new crush washers on banjo bolts?
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    SOLD : Clubsport S / R-Performace brake disc 340x30 pair

    Interested................. shipping to U.S.? Louisiana, 70433 Godspeed! Dave
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    Failed Thermostat Housing/Coolant Loss Info Gathering

    2017 GTI PP 6mt, 33k miles. Certified Preowned. Tracked and documented coolant loss for about 8 months. Was diagnosed last week at dealership, parts ordered. At dealership now for warranty replacement t/stat - wp assy. I'll report back with part numbers and summary of dealership...