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    FS: IS38 rev H, ~30k miles

    I have an IS38 for sale, taken off my Golf R with ~30k miles on it. ~20k of those miles were with a UM tune. Turbo came off the car when the BOSS 600 kit went on. Turbo ran fine when it was on the car, no shaft play. Looking for $650 shipped, $600 if you wanna come pick it up in Colorado. I...
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    Removing interior panels

    So over the last few weeks my Golf R has been making a banging/rattling noise coming from the rear passenger side of the car, it does this even going over tiny cracks in the pavement. Oddly enough, larger bumps don't always cause it to happen. It's definitely coming from the interior, not under...
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    New to Colorado Springs

    So I just moved to Colorado Springs recently, really enjoying it so far. I do have a couple questions for anyone nearby: Any reputable indy mechanics nearby? My car is modded so I'd like to avoid the dealer if possible. If there are mod-friendly dealers nearby that would work too. I'm aware of...
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    FS 17" Wheels from 2011 Golf TDI - NoVA

    I have a set of 17" Wheels off of a 2011 Golf TDI that I want to sell, see post here: