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    Unitronic Stage 1+ ECU/TCU stage 1 combo review

    I just picked up a Unitronic 1+ ECU/TCU combo and UniConnect+ from my local shop, European Motorworks in Nashville. Jerry is the owner, and super knowledgable on our platform. Got the system home, and after a quick Windows 10 driver signature enforcement disable, I was able flash them both in...
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    BluR: 2017 Lapiz Blue Golf R DSG

    I've spent the 14 years driving primarily Evos (Five different ones), but also had a mk6 GTI and a 335i during that time as well. All of those cars had one thing in common that this one does not: They were manual transmission. I opted for the DSG this time around, because my prior experience...
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    Should I trade my Evo for an R? Driving myself insane, and would love some input.

    A little background first. I'm one of the site administrators over at I've had mostly Evos since 2003, when they first came to the states. I've owned five of them: an VIII, an IX, and three Xs. During that time, I also had a short term 335i lease, a 135i and a Mk6 GTI. My...
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    My Evo X and GTI SE

    I don't have very many posts here. I joined awhile back. I've had five Evos over the past 14 years and a GTI among some other cars. Most of my posts were on golfmk6, as my base GTI was a 2013 manual car. I went APR stage 1, than upgraded to stage 2, and the clutch on my 9000 mile car decided...