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    Mk8 R

    Bear in mind that published Euro prices always include VAT at around 20%.
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    How Trouble-Free Has Your Stage 1 Tune Been?

    My Unitronic Stage 1 drives just like stock, except more so. Quite a bit more so! I'd be surprised and disappointed if anyone experiences problems with a Stage 1 tune. (Well, other than with the clutch on a 6MT...)
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    Golf R Clubsport build

    The real advantage of electric seats is for use with a seat position memory system. Since VW doesn't bother to offer that to us (in the NAR market), our electric seats seem only marginally useful to me. I do like an electric backrest though, since a manual version is harder to adjust when...
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    brake fluid recommendations

    You will then retain some of the original brake fluid within the ABS pump system. However unless the two fluids are incompatible (not likely), or the original is so old it's turned into bat piss, this should be no big deal. Even then you can go out and activate the ABS while driving — easy on a...
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    Do youn think teenagers have posters of Golf Rs on their bedroom walls?

    A few months after buying my 2015 R I was at the track with it (as an organizer; this isn't my track car). I was quite surprised at the attention it attracted, not from my own friends, but from the younger attendees. Neil
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    Golf R Clubsport build

    Roll cages in street driven cars are always problematic. In order to protect the driver, the plane of the main hoop needs to be not too far behind the seat, but that puts the puts the driver's head close to the main hoop's vertical element at the B-pillar. In a typical US design there's also a...
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    Golf R Clubsport build

    Yeah, I'm not sure why anyone would make a half-cage like that without a shoulder level harness bar at the main hoop. Long shoulder harness runs to a rearward anchor point are common practice in Europe — frequently seen on WRC cars back when we still had TV coverage of the sport. (However they...
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    South African security officers mk7.5R.

    Man, they don’t mess around. Car jacking and theft are a huge thing in the RSA.
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    Help Needed - OEM Install of Front Brakes - Missing Banjo Bolt

    That's not something you'll find at the local hardware store. Note that you'll also need new crush washers, qty 2 per banjo bolt. New brake lines with bolts and washers are only about $21 online; may not be the worst solution. ECS has VW banjo bolts, but apparently not for the Mk VII Golf...
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    Strange clutch problems, not sure what to do

    That's the clutch pressure plate. And yeah, it sure did fail. Neil
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    Anyway to reduce the R from bottoming out?

    I'm confused — ignoring the retaining rings, those appear to be the conventional foam bump stops used on many/most cars, not "solid rubber" or "solid poly". I encountered the bottoming out phenomenon during my first week of R ownership when I went over a local railroad crossing at, um...
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    Golf R seats

    Even though the R and GTI seats are essentially the same, there's a different potential benefit to the R for the OP: the R sold in the NAR does not have a sunroof, whereas many GTIs are so equipped. For a 6' 7" guy that's going to make a meaningful headroom difference. That said, my son is also...
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    Would you drive this (serious curb kiss)

    Yes! Often used for race tires, but not necessarily. I don't know if anyone other than Tire Rack offers the service, but since they do that's good enough. Cost is $25-35 per tire, on new tires only at time of purchase from TR. Neil
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    The Revo Mk7 Golf R Mega Thread

    Like: COLD START PROTECTION Boost is limited until safe oil temperature is reached. In order to guide my driving enthusiasm, I keep oil temp permanently displayed on the dash, so this seems like a good idea. Neil
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    Strange tire wear?

    Nicely corded tire in pic #1! That's usually what we'd see at the track, except then it'd be on the outside edge. While negative camber can wear the inside edge, the R has very little neg camber as stock, and it's not adjustable. You can only seek to equalize camber left/right by loosening the...
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    iOS 11 keeps rebooting my infotainment system

    ^^^^ Bumping a thread from 2017...
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    2020 GTI 6MT gear ratios 4th(1.09) vs 5th(1.10) gear difference

    One of those things that's precisely correct, yet completely useless. I haven't looked recently, but VW used to publish both the gear ratios and the final drive ratios.
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    Haldex failure symptoms... Need advice

    My 2015's Haldex is fine, but I only have about 25K miles on the car. I serviced the Haldex filter screen at 16K miles and found only slight blockage. I've never used launch control, although I've done certainly plenty of brisk stoplight take-offs with Haldex in the wet. That gunk can only come...
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    Thermostat housing and water pump fail.

    That's, um, astounding. Water pump/t'stat assembly parts are about $300 online, let's say $500 through dealer channel. There is some labor involved, since the intake manifold usually comes off for that job, but not that many hours. Mount and balance tires, what, $40 each at any tire store...
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    Oil/Filter Question - Canadians

    That brings up oil for a GTI. Here's the result for my 2015 R: I use the 0W-40 Euro car. Neil