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    Porsche 17Z and pair 18Z from Q7

    have a southern pair of Porsche 17Z and a pair of 18Z's from the Touareg / Q7's 175 for 17's plus ship and paypal fees 180 for 18's. plus plus located central Fl Ad will come down on April 14th.
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    FS Grey Gray Cloth low profile rear headrests

    have two of the one yr offered low profile rear headrests in grey gray cloth. these only came on one version in one yr car so are hard hard to find, $60 US
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    an 2008 Golf GTI at local upick Lakeland

    friend texted me he saw an 08 GTI just put out at Polk upull on US98N
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    Mk7 Golf Black leather low profile rear headrests $60

    shipping available about $15 to east coast and $26 to west by the looks.
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    FS, Mk6 Grey gray leather low profile rear headrests $60

    Have a pair of the grey low profile rear headrests in grey gray leather, super rare only came 1 yr wagons $60 shipping available prob 15 bucks to east coast and $26 to west They are shipped from central Fl
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Installed the Airlift air bags in sportwagen TDI so with the beam suspension. In a word... M fuker trying to squeeze them in, need supermans hands to do it. using a Mity Vac helped
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    anyone install 17Z calipers? looking for the bushing length

    would someone who has the caliper adapter bolts bushings or who did the install, Know what the size is. so I can try and find some . thx
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    low profile rear headrests for the mk7 $70

    its the outer ones no rips at all
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    low profile rear headrests for the mk7 $70

    Have a pr of the low slung rear headrests. will ship from near Tampa ,
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    relays needed for the Xenon HID kit on Eds headlights ??

    anyone know if one needs a relay harness installed or are the headlights not affected by the Mk7's PWM control of bulbs in the car. and will run the ballasts without issue,thanks
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    H7 bulbs for Eds HID headlights

    Mk7 HID there is an H7A and a H7B style available which is the location of the return wire vs the location of the tab
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    H7 bulbs for Eds HID headlights

    anyone know the correct H7 bulb to get? replaced one and now have the shadow, so have to re order the correct orientation bulb,, Last chinese ones I had that worked I tossed before checking the new Morimotos I installed sadly. so dont want to pull the bumper till I get a new set in.
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    DIY smoke generator for testing for leaks on engines etc

    built this via youtube videos. Its soo handy,, friends car had a hiss, couple secs later I find an oring on the injector of a Mk4 not sealing.
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    Variation on Catch can.

    Friends version, cut the OEM tube, then insert 3/4" clear tube with stainless steel wool pad you get at dollar stores for pot scrubbing lightly spread along inside, Oil vapour normally going 10 cm (4") into the intake from valve cover gets 2 meters (6 Ft) to condense out vs gum up an intake. the...
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    FS Black leather and tan leather rear headrests

    have a tan set $60 and black set $80 not easy to come across
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    FS One Low slung headrest Black leather and door straps

    Have a single low slung (could get the center if wanted) from the 2009 Jetta wagon. Super hard to find. but you can get rid of the Passenger side one at least. $40 can UPS at a cheaper rate than a regular person gets too have a couple of the Door straps to allow the Mk7 doors to open further...
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    DSG oil change things we got to make it easy

    the hoses with the pump fit on the adapter so thats all you need
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    DSG oil change things we got to make it easy

    doing a dsg oil change ? get these and best price for oil is Rock auto by far and the drain tool is on ali express
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    Radio infotainmenr center not working after battery terminal removal

    Having just had it and following steps out there, Ill add what I found solved the issue,, the steps mention fuse 10 and 12 Mine were good, So I started at the bottom to check them all, when I pulled the 5amp at 49 in the bottom, radio started right up.. so hope it helps someone