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    Soumatrix with Helix sub/DSP

    I've searched for this, and it seems to be mentioned more of a either/or type of thing. Has anyone added the Helix sub/DSP combo and upgraded to the Soumatrix speakers? I'm really pleased with my Helix for the money, but I really wished the speakers were a little more full and crisp. I don't...
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    '15 Cayman S or '18 RS3

    Oh damn, I didn't realize the pricing was that much different there. I didn't realize the USD was that much higher than the CDN. My bad. Yah, that's a big chunk. I'm a Porsche fanboy, but I agree with WhiteGTI for the S 981.
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    '15 Cayman S or '18 RS3

    I'm just throwing out ideas here, not trying to sway one way or another: I don't know what your dealers offer there, but a pretty good chunk can be taken off of MSRP on new Porsches (excluding special and GT cars). We've even custom ordered at 7% off. Having driven both extensively and been on...
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    '15 Cayman S or '18 RS3

    The 718's are awesome. I would recommend a base Cayman 718 over a '15 or so Cayman S. Test drive them and you'll see what I mean... unless you have to have NA in the Porsche.
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    '15 Cayman S or '18 RS3

    A very good point. Unless you're in a very comfortable financial position, I would not even look at modifying the Cayman. That would definitely steer towards the RS3 as well.
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    '15 Cayman S or '18 RS3

    The Cayman's PDK is about as good as a gearbox can come. I'm sure the RS3 will have a good transmission (probably Audi's version of dual clutch), but I can attest to how the the Porsche's dual clutch is both on and off the track. If you're into the whole launch control thing, the Porsches also...
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    ECU tune low end pull

    I know that tunes and piggybacks are discussed a whole lot, and I've done a bunch of dyno chart studying. I also know dyno charts are pretty worthless sub-2k RPM. I've tuned several cars in the past including Volvo S40, C30, Audi S4 (supercharged), Focus ST, Fiat 500L. What I'm looking for is...
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    Helix programming tool; any interest?

    I had ordered one of these a while back, and I was just emailed that it was shipping out to me. Hopefully it shows up and is correct. I don't want to step on anyone's toes here, as I'm super new to the forum. But I was kicking around renting the dongle out for a small fee to recover some of my...
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    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    I don't guess this is a manual is it?
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    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    First off, sorry for the picture sizes. My wife and I love cars, and spend a lot of our time driving, buying, trading, etc. Here's a few of our past and present rides. Traded the silver for the red: Still have this one (my wife's actually):
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    2017 911 Carrera GTS Announced

    It's amazing how these have jumped in performance. I had a 991 base and loved it. At the 350 HP, it was amazingly fast. I know everyone goes back and forth with the whole mid v rear engine thing, but I love the way the newer 911's handle. We've been fortunate to drive a lot of these and I'm...