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    MK7.5: GTI vs. Golf R (???)

    I can't decide which one to go with for a daily+track car. GTI: FWD, LSD, DQ250, lighter by about 300lb R: AWD, Open-diff, DQ381, faster in a straight Same brakes, similarly-bolstered seats Which one is a better track performer? Is a LSD more useful than being able to go 50/50 AWD with TC...
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    MK7.5 GTI

    Looking at a 2018 MK7.5 GTI base (non Autobahn) and have some questions - does the base get the front LSD? - does the base get the standard suspension (non-DCC)? - what size 17" tires are on the base and are they summers or performance? (specific model would be great too) Thanks
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    Sport Mode vs. "S" (below D)

    Is there a difference in putting the car in Sport Mode through the driving profiles button vs. putting the shifter in "S" which is below "D"? Or are they exactly the same (throttle response, nicer sound, stiffen up DCC shocks, etc.)
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    Anyone have DCC + VWR springs?

    As I will be purchasing a MK7 GTI with PP (which in Canada includes DCC....unfortunately), I will be lowering it on VWR springs to take advantage of the DCC (at least, that's the plan) Is anyone already on this setup and can share you thoughts and opinion? Also, whether your shocks are doing...
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    Performance Pack (WITH DCC) -- Worth It?

    Over here in Canada, the Performance package costs $2,295 CAD + 13% taxes for Toronto. Reason being, PP here comes with Dynamic Chassis Control...but all I really wanted was the front LSD $2,295 + 13% tax: * 10 HP * "GTI" Calipers * LSD * DCC * Summer tires (vs. allseasons on non-PP) I want...
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    GTI vs WRX

    MK7 GTI + Performanmce/DSG/Navi/Leather 2015 WRX + Sport-Tech/CVT Help me make up my mind!
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    Vendor Discounts

    Hi, wondering if forum members get any discounts from some online retailers? I'm looking at making purchases from USP Motorsports, ECS Tuning, Deutsche AutoParts. Any other recommendations? Thank you
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    How to fix negative camber -- camber parts available?

    Hi there, wondering if there's any camber parts (arms, bolts, etc.) available for the MK7? Even though I'll only be lowering on VWR springs (because of DCC), I still want a more "even" camber all around (-1 to -1.5). Camber bolts will probably do the trick. Thanks.
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    MK7 GTI PP -- Stock Lug Bolts? OEM Wheel specs?

    Are these cone- or ball-seat? I'm assuming they're conical, and would work with pretty much any "aftermarket" wheel? Will need to get 17" for snowtires What are the stock wheels' specification? I think I read somewhere they're 5x112, 18x8.5 +49? What about the hub size? Thanks.
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    AWE vs CTS Turbo

    Hi guys, I'm looking at these two exhausts for a MK7 GTI PP, with stock downpipe: 1) AWE Track edition exhaust 2) CTS Turbo catback Both seem to be similarly priced, with great built quality and fitment (from reviews I've read)...and both sound GREAT! Anything else that I should know, to help...
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    Toronto/GTA -- how much did YOU pay?

    Hi there, I'm looking to lease a 2015 MK7 GTI fully loaded with DSG/Navi/Leather/PP Wondering how much discount were any of you able to get? Which dealer/sales? Also, did you pay the $300 admin fee, $500 security deposit, and $200 global registration? Thanks
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    DCC -- keep with springs, or get coilovers?

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a MK7 GTI Autobahn DSG/Navi/Leather/PP -- basically fully loaded. In Canada, however, PP costs $2,300 (+13% taxes)!! The reason being, it comes with DCC included. I wish DCC was a separate option so I can go straight to getting coilovers. Unfortunately, this...
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    2015 MK7 GTI PP -- Canada Spec

    Anyone know the recommend oil weight? It's a Canadian (I guess also US) spec 2.0 TSI I don't have the car yet, so just doing some research on my potential next car. Reason I ask is because I stocked up on a LOT of Pennzoil Platinum (non pure plus) 5W30 for my current vehicle last year when they...
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    (Newbie Alert!) Talk me out of buying a MK7 GTI! ...NOT ;)

    Hi there, new member here and first time posting and have TONS of questions. At the same time I'm googling, searching this forum, and searching the VWVortex forum, I was hoping the crew here can chime in on a few (lots) specific questions I have My background I come from a 2009 Lexus IS250...