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    Racechip compatible for 2019 Golf GTD?

    Mine is DGCA. DJGA was used in Octavia RS and in Seat Leon FR as well. But I would reach the seller to confirm compatibility with your car. However, I'd rather visit a local, well known tuner with a proper tools for adjustment of your car's engine control unit, for measurement of the engine...
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    Heater Support Pump Open Circuit.

    I assume it was meant as engine cover.
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    2018 GTD Golf 7.5 tuning ?

    Not sure what are your intentions...Would you like to get more power from engine or what? If yes, visit some company performing chiptuning. You can either get more power with just OEM setup or decide to upgrade some of the engine parts to get even more power from it.
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    OEM Wireless charger

    I still use this charger and can say I am more satisfied with it than with the previous one. The reason is obvious - it charges much faster. However, it does require a little bit of patience to get the phone being charged, but once the fitment is okay, the phone is still charging. I had few long...
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    OEM Wireless charger

    I use wireless carplay adaptor, but it's not taped somewhere in the cubby. So far, I have it lying on the center console buttons while connected to USB. I can say that I found the quite good position of the phone to get it charging maybe 7/10 times, but I'm still testing.
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    OEM Wireless charger

    I almost agree, but...when using wireless Apple Carplay the phone still gets hot. Even in this relatively cold (almost spring) weather my iPhone 14 Pro in Spigen Liquid Air case got overheated on a long 400km drive with few stops. However, it charges much faster than the pad without fan.
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    OEM Wireless charger

    Well, I'm not sure if the "old" charger worked in both directions, but surely the phone was still turned with the camera right under usb port (LHD) and did always charge. I've never tried to turn it to the opposite direction. During the weekend I used my dad's Audi A6 C8 which has a phone box...
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    OEM Wireless charger

    Guys, it's definitely working in my car. I got charging failed message only if the phone's camera (iPhone 14 Pro) is above the vent. So, I needed to turn the phone to the opposite side and everything works fine. I'm going for a 400km ride on Sunday so I'll test it better then.
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    OEM Wireless charger

    @denyxp31 , have you also somehow modified that rubber pad inside the cubby to let the air flow better?
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    Retrofitting Heated Steering Wheel

    Mode button switches between ACC and speed limiter, nothing else
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    Washer not working

    And finally! The adaptation below was set to 1500ms, I don't know why, I have never changed it. Took some time, but I got an adaptation map from another Golf mk7, compared the values and found this.
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    OEM Wireless charger

    Mine is 31 as well. I reached one seller or retrofit garage I found on Instagram and they could not confirm the compatibility with Golf MK7. However, I was informed that they are just selling the parts... For those who are interested, the upgraded version of charger with fan is available for...
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    Center console box / "ashtray" lid replacement

    Have you managed to remove it? If not, maybe this will be helpful. The lid is locked from the upper side as well as from the bottom side as you can see. I tried to push the upper locks firstly, however, they are pretty solid. So I managed to get the lid off the box by pushing the bottom locks...
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    OEM Wireless charger

    That is the way I will go, too in case everything else fails :D I just found a bunch of fuse taps and managed to slightly adjust one so that the original pin will fit into it, so no cutting will be necessary... I am planning to use the empty slot in a fuse box. So far, I have not had any...
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    OEM Wireless charger

    Well, I was researching the web for 2 days to get some more information, but even at the Russian is not any single mention of this version of the charger... So far, I have been struggling with getting the fuse box out of the holder to get the wire to the right position. German engineers...
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    OEM Wireless charger

    Hi guys, does anybody else have an experience with the charger pad with that fan? I just received the set for retrofit (including 5CG non-fan pad), but I am considering to purchase another charging pad. The seller told me it is fully compatible, however, @Reaper1 had some issues with charging...
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    Arteon Style Blind Spot Mirror Cap Installation

    Try those heat shrink tubes. They should create a weatherproof seal by heating them. I used this "connector" and so far I have not had any issues since May.
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    loosing coolent cannot find any leaks
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    Help with BIG oil consumption issue with P0299 fault code

    CUPA or CUNA engine? These are well known for the increased oil consumption due to the blocked piston rings. The only way to get rid of it is to change those rings for the thicker ones. However, I have not personal experience, since my GTD is ok, it requires to top the oil level just once in 15t...
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    OEM Wireless charger

    Well, that's not what I wanted to see, but thanks anyway :D