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  1. ryohei47

    FS: Cobb Accessport V3 AP3-VLK-002 (Comes with EQT Stage 1)

    I'm not sure if this is related to the settings but mine is NAR region, no burbles, DSG. I don't know if the transmission version matters as the version of the tune has the same throttle map settings for DSG and manual
  2. ryohei47

    FS: Cobb Accessport V3 AP3-VLK-002 (Comes with EQT Stage 1)

    Selling my unmarried Cobb Accessport V3, comes with the standard tunes from Cobb along with EQT Stage 1 91 Octane. $525 500 shipped
  3. ryohei47

    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    Looking to buy a stock DP for the GTI, preferably one with less than 60K miles.
  4. ryohei47

    FS: BEC Autoparts MK7.5 LED Tailights for MK7 (Plug and Play)

    good luck with sale! Great price for these
  5. ryohei47

    Mib2 Composition Media vs Discover Pro control unit brain

    What is the correct screen resolution vs what you get with Discover Pro Screen + Comp Media brain?
  6. ryohei47

    VWs hate ATE Typ200 fluid

    I've been running ATE type 200 for around 2 years now and have had some levels of squeaking the entire time. it only stopped when I replaced fluid with OEM and came back when I swapped that out for ATE, so I think that is the culprit. Unfortunate as I've been using it on multiple cars over the...
  7. ryohei47

    FS: Burger Motorsports JB4 w/ Data Cable

    Selling my JB4 as I switched to the AP with EQT. SOLD
  8. ryohei47

    Track Day Phone Mount For Lap Timing (Not Recording Video)

    Hi all, Anyone have good phone mount recommendations? I want to mount my phone somewhere visible so I can track my lap times with my phone. I am not going to record video so it doesn't have to be on the windshield but it must be secure since I really don't want to worry about my phone falling...
  9. ryohei47

    WTB: Turbo Inlet Pipe

    Bought CTS tip
  10. ryohei47

    Norcal FS/FT/WTB Thread

    Since Socal can be 6+ hours of driving for those of us in Northern California, Norcal deserves its own thread. Post what you have for sale, trade, or what you are looking to buy!
  11. ryohei47

    FS: Stock GTI Exhaust 6k miles (PICK UP ONLY, San Francisco)

    I'm selling the stock catback exhaust from my 2016 GTI. There were only 6000 miles on the car before I took this off. Not willing to ship, SOLD.
  12. ryohei47

    FS: Stock GTI Exhaust 6k miles (San Francisco)

    I'm selling the stock catback exhaust from my 2016 GTI. There were only 6000 miles on the car before I took this off. Not willing to ship, SOLD Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. ryohei47

    Best tires for warm CA climate (max perf. A/S vs cheap summer tires)

    I live in California and am looking to get new tires. I'm well versed on the performance trade off between all season tires and summer tires but I'm mainly curious about the difference in tread wear. I'm planning on getting 255/35/18s, so the best A/S tires (Michelin A/S 3+) is around 800...
  14. ryohei47

    JB1 (Board only, no plugs)

    I'm selling my old JB1 board, it doesn't come with the plugs as I used them when I upgraded to the JB4. I wanted to do the core refund but since I'm in California I was ineligible. The board was only on the car for 8 months and 8000 miles. My loss is your gain. 75 OBO
  15. ryohei47

    USP DSG Paddle Shifter Extensions (Silver)

    Im selling the paddle shifters I got from USP Motorsports, they've been on my car for 6000 miles and are flawless, no movement when I press on them and very solid feeling. I wouldn't recommend reusing the double sided tape so you'll probably need new tape. 30 + shipping...
  16. ryohei47

    WTT: My plaid seats for your leather seats (North California, 4 Door)

    TRADED I'm looking to trade my plaid seats from my 2016 4 door with 6k miles (as of November 2016) for your leather seats. I'm willing to put cash on top, we can negotiate this and find a place to meet to do the swap. The seats are in great condition, I am open to swapping the doorcards and...
  17. ryohei47

    My Tornado Red GTI Build

    OEM+ Tornado Red GTI Build After receiving the car ('16 Tornado Red 4 Door GTI S) in April of 2016, I've been quickly trying to bring the car to the OEM+ level I was so used to in my old BMW e46. While I prefer the styling of that car more, the performance and technology of the MK7 make that...
  18. ryohei47

    OEM Headlight Switch

    Im selling my OEM headlight switch I pulled out of my car with 1500 miles. The switch is flawless; I'm only selling it because I upgraded to the auto headlight module from USP. Part Number is 5gm941431c, 35 Shipped OBO SOLD