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  1. YeahBuddy

    Breaking Bad Tv Show Thread

    FUCK! Only an hour and a half till it's all over! Those nazis better get blown the f up. Hope Jesse lives. Walt, he's gotta go whether it's the cancer or a bullet... Ricin?? Dammit! So many questions to be answered.
  2. YeahBuddy

    Divorced Barbie

    How do you know when your sperm count is high? When she has to chew.
  3. YeahBuddy

    What was your first car?

    95 Subaru legacy. 200k miles haha. Thing was indestructible.
  4. YeahBuddy

    New Subaru WRX concept

    Your sig made me :laugh:
  5. YeahBuddy

    New Subaru WRX concept

    I remember that,
  6. YeahBuddy

    New Subaru WRX concept

    This one has some good accent shots. Overall It's pretty mean and aggressive looking, that paint is just downright sexy! Let's see how watered down it gets...
  7. YeahBuddy

    offcially, we get the "weaker" MKVII GTI.....

    I have nothing to add except I still dont like ITS FACE!
  8. YeahBuddy

    Jeff Gordon Test Drives a Camaro

    My father emailed me this morning, so I of course replied with this gem. **NSFW** Some reason wont let me WONDER WHY
  9. YeahBuddy

    Ford TrackSTer

    Besides the flares, f*cking sick!
  10. YeahBuddy

    Hitchhiker kills guy with a hachet

    First actual news story FOX has covered.
  11. YeahBuddy

    How tall are you guys?

    haha vancity gtfo with that! xD
  12. YeahBuddy

    Valentine's Day

    Rose petals in the doorway after she gets home from work, a nice solid plowing before dinner reservations, then get smashed at dinner, walk home from the restaurant and proceed to plow x2.
  13. YeahBuddy

    It's 10 O'clock (EST). Do you know where your VW is?

    Hahaha! Fucking cats. Mines out in the street, can see it from my 3rd floor loft windows.
  14. YeahBuddy

    LOL at this parking ticket I got last night

    HAHAH WOW!! Awesome
  15. YeahBuddy

    Awkward Gym Moments

    The one time I went to the gym nearest me it was suuuch a shithole. Havent been back since because I felt like I was going to get shivved. So naturally it being downtown Lowell, I was warming up with some free-weights and this guy sure enough comes over.. Starts lifting free weights facing the...
  16. YeahBuddy

    Helping the GF find a new car... 07 GLI Fahrenheit

    My girlfriend likes VW interior but hates the exterior styling. I feel your pain. Last thing she was interested in was a blue corolla. I'm all like BITCH get a GLI
  17. YeahBuddy

    I make vector art...

    Layers layers layers. I also work with photoshop nd illustrator everyday! Woop woop
  18. YeahBuddy

    Sick Q7 TDI By Spyder Outerwear

    It looks to have a body kit of some sort? I dont know how they normally look. The quad exhaust is definitely a welcome addition.