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  1. ModdedMK7.5

    Tire Pressure Monitor Error Code

    Hello all, I'm in need in some help on something I cannot seem to figure out for almost a month, but may think this is the solution. Recently, I installed an IS38 Turbo and Dead-set Subframe kit from CTS Turbo, as well as, flashed the car with a tune by EQT for the turbo. After driving the car...
  2. ModdedMK7.5

    Kumho Ecsta v730 Tires: Pros & Cons

    Hello all, I've been eye-balling at the Kumho Ecsta v30 tires for some time now and may potentially purchase them to replace my old Bridgestone Potenza RE71R tires for AutoX and maybe potentially doing open track days for 2024. What's making me want to choose them is their price based from...
  3. ModdedMK7.5

    Springs for Bilstein B14 Coilovers

    Hello all, I have a burning question to ask. I know there are brands out there that sell springs for coilovers, but that got me thinking. Are springs for B14 coilovers from Bilstein or springs that can support that kind of coilover? Since I mainly see springs, such as swift springs, that can...
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    APR Roll Control Coilovers: The Pros & Cons vs other competitors?

    I honestly do not know why. I'm guessing to control body roll maybe for handling?
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    APR Roll Control Coilovers: The Pros & Cons vs other competitors?

    Hello all, I'm just curious about these coilovers that APR offers for the MQB platform. These look pretty nice based off from the pictures on their website. However, my main question is how well do in performance (autox/track) compared to the other branded coilovers such as: Bilstein, BC...
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    FS: CTS Turbo Intake with SAI

    I am interested. However, are you willing to ship this out?
  7. ModdedMK7.5

    Falken Tires: Azenis RT615K+ vs Azenis RT660

    Hello everyone! I need some help and/or some advice between these two summer performance 200 tread wear tires. I'm currently using the Bridgestone Potenza RE71R tires as my autocross setup, but they are almost reaching their end in tread life and grip. Many folks in my region recommend trying...
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    Eurocode mk7 golf trunk brace $150

    Is this still available for sale?
  9. ModdedMK7.5

    Susperspeed flowform RF03RR

  10. ModdedMK7.5

    Pro-Tuning: DSG Support for is38 Turbo. Is it something to consider?

    So I have a is38 turbo from CTS Turbo that I plan on installing later next month in April. Like any other turbo upgrade, it requires tuning software in order to make the car run and drive properly. The tuner I'm using is Stratified Automotive and they have DSG Support through the COBB...
  11. ModdedMK7.5

    Front Sway Bar. Is it worth it?

    I can definitely see the difference. How does it feel when cornering hard? Stiff? Planted?
  12. ModdedMK7.5

    Front Sway Bar. Is it worth it?

    Keep me posted on that front sway bar! I'll be more than glad to buy it off from you!
  13. ModdedMK7.5

    Front Sway Bar. Is it worth it?

    So I've been wanting to upgrade the front sway bar to correspond or match up with the rear sway bar. Currently, I'm using Whiteline Suspension's rear sway bar and rear & front sway bar endlinks. I recently got their front control arms and front ball joints to add on. I'm aware that the subframe...
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    P PM'D
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    Is the Raceseng one still up for sale?
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    Susperspeed flowform RF03RR

  17. ModdedMK7.5

    Susperspeed flowform RF03RR

    Are these wheels and tires still available for sale?
  18. ModdedMK7.5

    is38 Turbo & AutoX

    Roughly around 50-60mph average for the course layouts I've ran so far. I don't really pay attention that much to my speedometer while I'm driving the course, as I'm more focused on looking ahead for the next cones.