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  1. VDubber1

    VW Composition Media Navigation Retrofit Upgrade

    Now you can retrofit the VW Navigation system into your MK7 Golfs existing MMI by Advanced-incar As it's an aftermarket piece of kit, it means that you can really open up your VW system with the ability to add in extras such as a DVD Player, Digital TV, Reversing camera etc via optional devices...
  2. VDubber1

    Fairwell MK7 GTi :'-(

    Well...after 16mths and going through a 2.0 GT TDi (150) and a GTi which I have only owned for 4mths tomorrow. I have decided to throw in the towel and get rid of it and leave VW after being a loyal customer for over 15yrs and x7 VWs. To sum up the MK7 build quality.....utter sh!te! She...
  3. VDubber1

    Build Quality - Rear Window Diffuser/Spoiler

    3 months old now and already the rear Window Diffuser/Spoiler is coming off...has anyone else experienced this?
  4. VDubber1

    VW MK7 Paint Quality

    Suffered a stonechip over the weekend and although you have to accept your pride & joy will sustain one of these now and again, I didn't expect the paint to be so brittle, and this is on the top of the bonnet!...not even at the front. I have contacted VWUK to see what they have to say. Also the...
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    Crash test of the New MK7 GTi

    2015 Volkswagen GTI small overlap IIHS crash test: Sent from my HTC One
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    Golf GTi 2015 Advert - US

    Great MK7 advert from the can't do this with the electronic handbrake [emoji35] Sent from my HTC One
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    Brake Decals - For non-PP Calipers

    A work around for those like me who didn't opt for the Performance Pack option ?
  8. VDubber1

    VW Genuine Wind Deflector Accessory - Warning !!

    I had these fitted onto my MK7 GT 2.0 TDi (150) They were on the car for roughly 5mths and they were good...although they did cost £105 for the 5dr. I had to hand the car back to exchange it for the GTi, I decided to remove all the accessories from the car and keep them for the...
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    VW Official Technical Glossary

    VW technology jargon buster.... Very usefull [emoji6] Sent from my HTC One
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    Parking Assist

    I opted for the park assist option and have to admit I haven't even tried it out yet [emoji15] Has anyone else got this option?....and if so have you used it yet? Sent from my HTC One
  11. VDubber1

    Mirror Smartphone onto Media Screen - can it be done?

    Not sure if this can be achieved [emoji53] but I was wondering if mirroring my phone onto the media screen is possible? I have an HTC One M7 which is mirror and 2-way compatible...I have tried googling it but can't find anything positive. Any thoughts anyone? Sent from my HTC One
  12. VDubber1

    Ensurance - Free for 3yrs

    How many of you have registered for your free 3yr Ensurance cover to guarantee your VW gets repaired by an authorised VW repairer no matter who your insured with? I have [emoji106] Sent from my HTC One
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    Golf MK7 GTi Stainless Sill Protectors

    These look the bizz On ebay for £60 Sent from my HTC One
  14. VDubber1

    Tornado Red MK7 GTi

    A great polishing day ? Sent from my HTC One
  15. VDubber1

    GTi Genuine Mud guards

    Just fitted the mudflaps to my GTi...I was a bit unsure if it would look good but now the're on...I think they are the biz!<br/>
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    Your previous rides......Share it !!

    My VW's in order I have also owned: Mk1 Cavalier Austin Mini Mayfair Nissan Stanza Austin Montego Ford Fiesta XR2 Renault Clio RSi Renault Laguna Renault Scenic Peugeot 306 Tdi BMW Mini Cooper BMW Mini Countryman CooperS All4
  17. VDubber1

    Upgraded Brake Calipers from Performance Pack

    Does anyone know how easy it'll be to upgrade the brakes on my standard MK7 GTi to those from the performance pack...and where I would get them from? I didn't opt for the performance pack when I ordered it as I don't intend to abuse it...but I do like the look of the bigger calipers though