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  1. jessiewonka

    Coolant hose chewed

    So...remove coolant cap, remove and replace hose, squeeze hose or one of the other coolant hoses (?) to circulate air out, turn on car and let idle for a while, then replace coolant cap? I've never done this, and reading around provides various viewpoints.
  2. jessiewonka

    Coolant hose chewed

    A while back a rodent of some sort chewed through my upper coolant hose. I didn't realize this was going on until out on a drive and suddenly getting the "check coolant" warning. A local shop made the repair. Literally the day after getting the car home, I popped the hood and found the chewing...
  3. jessiewonka

    Mid-range alternatives to Michelin PSS

    Apologies for starting this thread and never returning. I began taking note of what folks were recommending, then fussed over the details and kept putting it off. Then I started laying low during COVID and driving less. But it's finally time to make a choice! Here's what I'm seeing right now at...
  4. jessiewonka

    Mid-range alternatives to Michelin PSS

    Currently have Michelin Pilot Super Sport 235/40 on my 2016 Golf. They're nearing end-of-life at around 27k miles, though I thought they'd make it longer. They've been great, wet or dry. I was hoping to replace them this time with something a bit less costly. Any suggestions for a mid-range...
  5. jessiewonka

    Transmission warning light, shift selector mech replacement

    On my 2016 Golf 1.8 TSI 6A I had the flashing transmission warning that others here have reported. Initially mine flashed so quickly that I couldn't read it, and then later would appear until the car was in park, and generally seemed to happen when the motor was cold. I thought it was another...
  6. jessiewonka

    Camber/spring bounce?

    In April I had my wheels replaced and VWR/TSI springs added to my MK7 Golf -- the alignment rundown below. The shop went over the numbers with me at the time, and suggested I may need to rotate the tires a bit more often due to the camber differences. All has been well, but I have noticed a...
  7. jessiewonka

    What car does your partner drive?

    My husband rides BART and gets once-a-week rides from me!
  8. jessiewonka

    What brand jeans do you wear?

    Why are pants necessary in a car?
  9. jessiewonka

    Set of OEM 2016 Golf springs

    Selling a set of OEM 2016 Golf springs, just under 1k miles -- $50.
  10. jessiewonka

    15" Lyon wheels (2016 Golf), just under 1k miles

    Selling my set of 15" Lyon wheels on Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus 195/65, just under 1k miles, from a 2016 Golf. Excellent shape, no dings -- $400 obo. Pick up only in Bay Area.
  11. jessiewonka

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Had springs and wheels installed today, with about 1k miles on the car. I'm glad I listened to the advice of a few dudes who said 18x8.5 on 235/40 wouldn't rub. It's a conservative setup, but still I was paranoid. Before/after:
  12. jessiewonka

    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    Looks great, sweet ride.
  13. jessiewonka

    VMR V718 18x8.5 tire opinions - 235/40 vs 225/40

    I'm trying to decide which tires to pair with VMR V718 18x8.5 for a MK7 Golf with VWR springs (likely their 1.8 edition,, tho the drop seems very close across both). Originally...
  14. jessiewonka

    2016 Golf TSI wheels and suspension

    Greetings! I'm trying to find some semi-definitive information about wheels and suspension compatibility with the less discussed 2016 Golf TSI. After searching here and other forums, using, and even, I keep coming up with a thin list of options. While the SEL comes...