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  1. bfury5

    Porsche boxster 4 piston brakes (NQSBBK) fitted on MK7 GTi.

    I believe the threads on the banjo bolt are different between the stock caliper and the brembo caliper (M10x1.0 vs M10x1.5) - I ordered the ones from Apikol and didn't have issues. As long as you have the right bolt, stock lines can be re-used.
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    Want more front camber? Powerflex Bushings is the Answer!

    I used the powerflex front and rs3 rear for about 9k miles, and had no squeaking at all. They were always silent. Lube them up good during install and make sure they're torqued properly and you shouldn't have any issues
  3. bfury5

    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    It's worth mentioning as well that the *correct* way usually also involves helper springs and/or low rate springs to manage the split between bump and droop, without needing to reduce the primary spring rate. With only a single linear spring, your springrate and corner weight will be the only...
  4. bfury5

    Coilover noises

    I would for sure order new springs, equivalent rate, with less # of coils, and see if that helps. As David said, the amount of coils on those springs leave so little travel before bind. A lot of folks have run an equivalent type kit like this on these platforms without issue, so I'm hesitant to...
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    fwiw I found that the pillow ball bearings on the camber plates got a little quiet as the wore in. It looks like you have the newer "Standard" kit and not the BC-based one, so the plates are probably different. I had some crashing like that initially, but most of it went away once I re-tightened...
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    somewhere in this thread are the pictures of the access holes I drilled for mine. edit: found the original picture, here ya go
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    Co-drivers are the best way to get faster. I love co-driving with really fast people to compare how we build speed / time differently over a course. It's really interesting to see how some people carry speed vs others
  8. bfury5

    best option for more camber

    Front bushings are super easy to press out, since mostly rubber and have shoulders on them to keep them in place. rear is a PITA since it's a metal cup you have to push out, and have to press it in at the correct depth (or it falls out the other side). I managed to do mine with a vise and a...
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    Yeah powerflex is correct here. I ordered from FCP euro despite them "not fititng" on the website.
  10. bfury5

    New Autox/Track/Weekend car?

    Another local guy just got a spyder and was in the same predicament. He went with the BC forged option, but man are they spendy
  11. bfury5

    New Autox/Track/Weekend car?

    Looks beautiful, excited to see it out this summer!
  12. bfury5

    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    Fronts on the redshift are not inverted, and didn't seem to be an issue in practice. I had -3.2 with the redshift coils and camber plates max'd. No issues with DD or tire wear. The difference between -3.2 and -3.6 (after adding the front offset bushings) is very noticeable. You have so much more...
  13. bfury5

    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    Once the 255s are worn, throw a set of 245s on the 17x9s. You should see better wear and similar alternate grip. The yoks are super soft and prefer a bit of a stretch. And +1 on that last point - consistent seat time is key! Regardless of improvement, hope it's fun
  14. bfury5

    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    I had the 034 rear bar and it was fine. I re-greased it about 2x per year (beginning and middle of season) just to keep everything clean. Never made any noise or bound up for me. I had used superpro end links but they got destroyed in 2mo. I switched to Moog for a year straight after that with...
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    Street Touring Hatchback (STH) discussion/setup

    What size tire + wheel combo are you running? I drove a ton of different cars last year, and while I miss the GTI it's been great to get different perspectives. MR2, S2000 C5Z, NA/ ND Miata's, Fiata, etc. All super fun After the coils, I would say front LCA bushings (front and rear locations)...
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    Daily Driven STU Setup

    I ran the alltrack skid plate in STH - I wouldn't see an issue in STU. Regardless of what it's called, for all intents and purposes it's non-functional from a performance perspective
  17. bfury5

    Track + AutoX alignment specs

    Plenty of the STR miata run 4.2-4.3, same with the STS cars. If you can get more, do it. The only thing you might notice is less straight line traction on power, since you're reducing the contact patch while the wheels are pointed straight.
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    Toyota GR Corolla Discussion

    Sounds like a dealer (or sales rep) that doesn't know much. Toyota doesn't really work on orders anyway, more of an allocation "here's what we already made, you get to pick something from this bucket". Allocations are given down from regional offices, so dealers can't do much until they're...