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  1. bagged_hag

    SOLD: Lightly used Homelink Mirror full kit (000-072-548-F)

    Sent another PM. I will take it if still available
  2. bagged_hag

    Where Does The Garage Door Clicker Go?

    Mine stays in the drivers side cubby. I keep my sunglasses in my sunglasses holder
  3. bagged_hag

    Garages of picture thread

    K1700? If so, what gun are you running? I picked up a K1700 but can’t decide on what spray gun to go with. Thinking I might just bite the bullet and pick up a mosmatic gun, especially since I can pick it up locally for less then most online retailers.
  4. bagged_hag

    Arteon Style Blind Spot Mirror Cap Installation

    Great representation of how much better these would be over the factory mirror BSM indicators (y)
  5. bagged_hag

    Arteon Style Blind Spot Mirror Cap Installation

    This is great! Did you tap into the wiring for the factory blind spot indicators allowing them to still work? Or was the wiring switched solely to the mirror cap mounted indicators
  6. bagged_hag

    KW V1 Series Coilover Kit | Mk7.5 GTi

    Looks fantastic! About where within the range of adjustment were you at?
  7. bagged_hag

    KW V1 Series Coilover Kit | Mk7.5 GTi

    Do you by chance have any pictures of how the car sat on the coils? Would give a good idea of what kind of adjustable range they have
  8. bagged_hag

    What I Learned: Neuspeed Sport Springs/Bilstein B8 Install

    Anyway you could throw up a few daytime pictures? Looks like a good stance from what can be seen in that shot (y)
  9. bagged_hag

    Mk7.5 Euro tail lights - is it okay to have?

    Fellow PA resident here. While I can’t speak from experience as I don’t have euro tails on my GTI, I would have to imagine that as long as you have the prerequisite functioning lights (both brake lights, running lights, reverse lights, turns, hazards, etc.) most inspection stations won’t bother...
  10. bagged_hag

    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    Is this stock suspension? This strongly motivates me to pull the trigger on some SM-10s for my GTI
  11. bagged_hag

    Audio from iOS sounds worse through Carplay than Bluetooth with Helix

    I will be interested to hear some responses on this! I have a 2019 GTI SE with the Fender Premium Audio and I strongly prefer using Bluetooth for my music streaming because it sounds so much better! I know in the infotainment’s sound settings you can adjust the Bluetooth volume across 3...
  12. bagged_hag

    Car Seat Recomendations

    Haha, so what you’re saying is, I got this? 😂
  13. bagged_hag

    Car Seat Recomendations

    Congrats on the little one! My first will be here next week! I decided to go with the Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 Elite seat and base combo. Fits pretty comfortably in the back of the GTI with the passenger seat in a decent position for a normal sized human to sit...
  14. bagged_hag

    ► Official APEX VW SM-10 Flow Formed Wheel Thread

    Geirsen - is the plan to announce the group buy details tomorrow still?
  15. bagged_hag

    Your Mk7 year/mileage

    2019 GTI, about 4,600 miles. Picked it up June of last year brand new
  16. bagged_hag

    What is your opinion about wagons?

    I voted beautiful design. While I don’t own a wagon, I typically ogle at wagons often. There is something about the form factor of a wagon that I love. My wife thinks wagons are hideous and I just tell her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about :)
  17. bagged_hag

    What did you get in the mail or bring home for your MKVII today?

    Nice collection of parts! Do I spy an Arrma Outcast?
  18. bagged_hag

    Latest dealer prices for GTImk7.5 SE DSG

    I second what jimlloyd said, search around for a good deal. Also, I would 100% not pay $600 for the monster mats, emergency kit, and auto rear view mirror. The homelink mirror is somewhere around $150-250 (depending on the model you buy), and the monster mats and emergency kit should be thrown...