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  1. Djmikeyd

    So a VW dealer messed up my door.

    GM of the dealer was really no help either. The service manager that showed me footage clearly had no idea what he was doing while using the computer with the footage, and my car was very far away to really see anything. He was in a clear rush to get me out of there.
  2. Djmikeyd

    So a VW dealer messed up my door.

    Long story short I went to my local "friendly" VW dealership to get a tire replaced. They manage to scratch the crap out of my detroit, and there is strange hand prints all over my driver side door. (car was dirty). So I was pissed off that my wheel is fucked and I get them to agree on fixing it...
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    What is the color of this dress?

    DAMN . Havent been here in forever. CAME HERE TO SEE A POLE, i was dissapoint
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    Who makes the best poles, doe?

    A pole does not get made. A pole is something that grows from the inside. It is something that we cherish as our lives go on. A pole is a pole. We do not control the pole. The pole controls itself.
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    random dock thread.

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    hahaha this is why "EDM" sucks so hard

    saw this today, died XD
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    Any Vape Enthusiasts On Here?

    Thought you said gape, i was dissapoint
  8. Djmikeyd

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Dang, I wish i could drag my sweaty nutsack across your right cheek
  9. Djmikeyd

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    I stopped playing this game after a couple of months. It got boring
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    Euro Club Name Ideas

  12. Djmikeyd

    Shirtless guy asks reporter out during wildfire

    Damn, i didnt think she was serious when she told me they were live
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    Birthday present for sister's 21st birthday - help pls

    If shes cute message me, ill give her the ultimate present PS: I like cats too.
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    Halvie is jelaous because Teff has a hpfp
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    Holy shit bro. This puts it in....well....... territory....
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    Jeremy Clarkson... and other bell ends: Discussion Forum
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    Dogecoin NASCAR #98 Announced

    Wow. Hope they win.