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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    no, not overlay. a 3 dimensional honeycomb
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    What did you do to your mk7 today?

    someone should make a "hollow-honeycomb" cover. from most angles it'll look solid black, but from 100' the reflector should light up at night from headlights.
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    My letter to the new CEO of VW America

    This will probably never make it to his desk, being intercepted by some underling, but I have to take some kind of action: Scott Keogh Volkswagen Group of America 2200 Ferdinand Porsche Dr. Herndon, VA 20171 Dear Mr. Keogh; Congratulations on taking the helm of VW of America. I...
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    front seat pet barrier

    Built a prototype pet barrier for mounting between front and rear seats. Couldn't find anything but barriers between rear seats and luggage area. Keeps our 80lb Shepherd from trying to co-drive
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    Watch for VW discounts to shrink

    Lindsay VW Sterling VA...there are 3 or 4 VW dealers in the metro Washington DC area and at least 2 of them were offering similar deals. Currently it looks like Lindsay is not discounting 2019 models. BUT good selection of 2018's at $5500-5700 off list...
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    Golf Family (R, GTI Golf) Named one of 10 Best for 2019

    Latest issue (Jan 2019) Car and Driver: Quoting: "Not everyone can build cars as coherent as these. Especially the GTI"
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    Watch for VW discounts to shrink

    VW apparently has been using discounts to build sales volume. Watch for those discounts to shrink: I bought a new 2018 GTI SE in June with a $6,000. discount from list:) Looks like that kind of...
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    Is there a case for using 504/407 approv oil?

    I was looking at the Lubrizol chart for relative differences between 502 and 504 VW standards. Although I'm a complete no-nothing and know-nothing on engineering-type stuff, it seems to me that the 504 standard provides far more benefits than 502/505 approvals. The big "delete" is phosphorus...
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    List Black Friday Deals

    Can we start a list of vendors and their promos which are announced for Black Friday?
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    Triax oil

    Anyone familiar with this oil? Triax 0W-40...
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    This is non-political. Just VOTE on Tuesday. Please. The only way to preserve all the freedoms we enjoy is to preserve our democracy. We do this by exercising our privilege to vote. If we don't, eventually the privilege will be taken away and we will be a dictatorship.
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    thoughts on using this oil for 6th quart?

    Amazon now selling 0W-40 European formula ACEA A3/B4 and API SN full syn: thinking of using 1 quart of it as the 6th qt along with 5qt Mobil 1 jug: opinions from our oil experts?
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    how much can you put in "trunk?"

    2018 GTI with foam plastic (apparently) floor behind seats, over spare tire. any one know how much weight this is rated for?
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    Car Cover

    Any recommendations for a car over? I want a dust proof cover that offers some thickness for ding protection. Don't need weather proofing- its for indoor use, but dust resistance is important.
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    INstrument surround: glare & aluminum rings...gone

    Never liked the piano gloss and aluminum trim rings on speedo and tach. Solved by removing surround & and applying a couple of coats of "black texture" plastic paint. Surround now looks like semi-matte metal texture and white/red markings easier to see, so mission accomplished for my...
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    Removal gauge trim rings

    Has anyone removed the silver trim rings from the speedo and tach? The silver is distracting and just want a totally black surround. I tried "painting" the trim with both a marker and a paint pen, but neither was satisfactory. any tips would be helpful. Thanks