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    Rear Bumper Lower Diffuser Panel - GTD / TSi

    Genuine VW part reference 5G6807568E9B9 only fitted for a few weeks so in as-new condition. GTD sadly going hence sale. Was around £100 new. The rear diffuser allows the installation of tow-bars, both permanent and detachable, without having to attempt any cutting to the original trim which...
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    Tow Trust Detachable Towbar and Electrics

    Hi, I have for sale a used Tow Trust Towbar (part reference TVW623VK) Golf Mk5, 6, 7 and 7.5, Golf Plus and Golf SV. Also fits Audi A3 hatch / Sportback saloon, Seat Leon SC 3 / 5-door and Leon ST Estate. This comes complete with everything you need to get ready to tow - i.e. the tow-bar and...