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  1. FROSTYmk7.5

    Pagid non performance-package brake kit

    When replacing the brakes for the first time on my 2019 gti I accidentally bought the non-pp brake kit (312mm front rotors, 272mm rear rotors). I bought the right kit and got them installed but these have been sitting in my garage, Brand New for a year+ and I really just want them out of my way...
  2. FROSTYmk7.5

    Second hand 7.5 R - Coolant or just dirty engine bay?

    Definitely dirty water, My gti has dirt in the same spot...
  3. FROSTYmk7.5

    6mt fluid change without fill plug

    anyone know what the part number is for that plastic bolt? Mine snapped like nothing when I was just hand tightening it and I cannot seem to find the part number or link for it anywhere...
  4. FROSTYmk7.5

    Let Car Idling For 7 Hours

    you must live in a nice neighborhood... my car would be gone within the first hour
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    what is the manufacture date for the tires?
  6. FROSTYmk7.5

    Just bought my GTI

    If your car still has the OEM exhaust system, EQT offers an off the shelf stage 1 tune with the option to add burbles. Thats what I had before going to EQT's stage 2 and the stage 1 burbles were much more mild. From my understanding, most other companies only offer burbles with their stage 2...
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    Toyota GR Corolla Discussion

    Hopefully its not as bad as the markups on the A90 GR Supra. Every single one near me had a $50,000 up-charge when I went to check them out in summer of 2019.
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    Creaking noise coming from subframe-ish area

    isn't AT-205 an oil additive that reseals o-rings/rubber gaskets?
  9. FROSTYmk7.5

    Creaking noise coming from subframe-ish area

    This worked great. Thanks again
  10. FROSTYmk7.5

    Creaking noise coming from subframe-ish area

    Last weekend I removed my stage 1 BFI dogbone insert and installed a stage 2 BFI doggone insert and now I am experiencing a creaking noise that sounds like it's coming from the subframe area when releasing the clutch to start driving in first gear. I am going to remove the mount tomorrow and see...
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    Toyota GR Corolla Discussion

    all the better reason to not offer an automatic version
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    Best website for parts?

    I always check FCP euro first because of the lifetime warranty. If they don't have the part I need I go with because Paul's videos have saved my ass during multiple installs
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    Has anyone made their own cheap catted DP by buying catless and adding cheap cat?

    I have this exact depo racing downpipe and I welded on a flow master 200 cell cat + post cat 02 bung on the rear section of the downpipe... I've had it installed since 2,000 miles (now at 21,000) with a j-style spacer and I've never had the CEL come on.(It does smell on cold starts but the smell...
  14. FROSTYmk7.5

    Battery charger recommendations for first time flashing ecu

    Thanks for the recommendations! Because I don't need a TCU tune, I ended up going with a 15amp battery charger from harbor freight and it worked great!
  15. FROSTYmk7.5

    Battery charger recommendations for first time flashing ecu

    I just received my accessport and I understand it's important to add a battery charger while flashing my car for the first time. I would like some recommendations as to which battery charger to go with and how many amps are needed... I didn't see one but If there's another thread that answers...
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    What are you asking for Christmas?

    Seems like more of a stocking stuffer
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    Blew Downpipe off at full boil

    FWD has always been able to race from a dig... Just not as well as rwd or awd cars
  18. FROSTYmk7.5

    IE stage 2 crackle tune not exactly as expected

    Believe it or not you Californians aren't the only ones capable of starting forest fires
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    2019 Golf R, Spektrum Viper Green 1 of 33 for SALE

    65k for the most popular spektrum color option? Almost 20% of the 2019 spectrum golf r's came with viper green paint. I can't imagine anyone besides a collector would pay this ridiculous price For that price point I can think of 25 cars I'd rather have... I laughed out loud when I first saw the...