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    Resonator Needed; Vibrant 17930 GTG?

    Yes; will post the next time I have it up on stands.
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    Resonator Needed; Vibrant 17930 GTG?

    I had the 17930 installed, just before the rear section due to clearance d/s concerns and how low it might hang near it. End result is exactly what I was wanting; near stock sound with flaps closed; no fartiness when open.
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    Resonator Needed; Vibrant 17930 GTG?

    This is for a 2019 Golf R. Previous owner did a resonator delete. I just added a IE DP and not a fan of the sound with the factory mufflers. Is the Vibrant 17930 still the ticket to get it back to factory-ish levels and tone?
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    Mystery Dash Rattle

    TLDR; It was my garage door opener on my sun visor. Stumbled into this thread while researching my own rattle and found it. It sounded like it was coming from the center vent area and I had watched videos on how to remove all the trim to investigate; then this thread pointed me towards some...
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    Why aren't there more E flex tunes for the 7.5R?

    Yeah; getting that vibe. IE doesn't for 7.5; been waiting for at least a year now. link Hopefully Uni will come through. My real headscratcher is I thought the7.5 and 8 were pretty close together as far as engine mgt, but I guess not.
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    Why aren't there more E flex tunes for the 7.5R?

    There are flex tunes for the 7R and the Mk8 (at least seeing beta tunes out there), but nothing for the 7.5 or amI just not looking hard enough? APR, Unitronic, 034, IE?
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    Golf R 7.5; Anyone go to 18s?

    If you have, regardless of the reasons, I’d like to hear your thoughts on whether or not you think it worked for you. Lighter wheels, loss expensive tires? Better ride and/or performance?
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    Rear View Mirror Questions

    Is there a way to make the auto adjusting rear view mirror darker (VCDS; OBDEleven?)? Or, is there a flippable mirror that can be swapped out?
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    Intercooler performance

    Dudes - any install feedback on the Racingline unit? Any trimming/mods needed? Thanks
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    034 Motorsport DSG / TCU tune

    Bumping to see if anyone is running the DQ381 TCU tune?
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    Coil over opinions/help

    +1 Great street ride; quiet; no issues; coming up on 2 years
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    Setting OBD2 Readiness

    I’ve seen this come up recently a couple times, and I struggled with this myself after going Stage2+ with Unitronic, so I figured I’d post a PSA for those of us tuned, but still need to flash down to a lower stage, or stock, to get state OBD2 ‘plug in’ emissions inspections. VAGCOM will let you...
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    Inner Clearance Question

    Going from 18x8 45 with 10mm spacer up front and 15mm spacer in the rear so net 35 and 30 offsets running a 235.40 tires to….19x8.5 45 with no spacers and I want to run a 245.35 for a little more wheel protection and comfort. I am lowered on KWs. ‘Will-it-fit’ calculators tell me I will have...
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    Can't seem to decide on 18s or 19s

    Who's running 19s successfully with little NVH and what tire are you running? I'm considering new wheels to get away from spacers and hub rings; /0/"]RSe102s. I am however not a fan of NVH (I daily my GTI ~50mi round trip) so I am leery of going with 19s that will have a much slimmer sidewall...
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    ECS Heavy Duty Strut Mounts; Install Questions & Experience? I’m trying to kill a creak I’m getting from my front passenger strut area. The bearings were replaced apparently during my coil over install last year. What else is needed? Any additional hardware...
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    Factory Xenon Lighting Package Headlight Replacements?

    I am interested in replacing my current factory lighting package headlights with another set of factory xenons. My original lights are a bit pitted, and I’ve tried polishing them to little effect. What are my options besides the Mk7 GTI and Mk7 Golf R? I’m seeing a handful of aftermarket...
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    P04020 with Stage 2+ and Unitronic Downpipe

    I've done some searching, but would like some updated recommendations. In prep for annual emissions testing I called Unitronic Tech Support about a month ago with questions about how to pass my state emissions testing since Stage 2 and beyond with Unitronic the readiness is blocked. They...
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    Replacing Rear Vent Housing

    The arm that connects to the wheel that opens and closes the rear / back seat vent has broken. I've pulled the vent housing off, and I don't think its repairable so I'm looking for a replacement. The part number off if it is 5GM.863.289 but this number isn't coming up at any of the parts...
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    Pic Request: RSE10s HyperBlack on Silver GTI

    I Googld but didn't find many Silver GTIs with gunmetal or hyperblack wheels, so hoping someone here might have a picture to post.
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    255.35 on 8.5"

    I know a lot of this depends on tire make and model, but has anyone run this set up? How does it look? Pics would be appreciated. The 255.35 (3.51") ratio is close to what I'm running now (235.40) (3.70"), and that's what I'm trying to keep in place; the sidewall height and ratio for ride...